Quarter three, here I come.

I’ve been banging out personal growth posts for six straight months now.

I’m slightly proud of myself.  It definitely feels better than when I promised a slew of work from home posts but tapped out after the second one.

Booooo for that me.

Yaaaaay for this one.

Seems like maybe I’m beginning to master some basic life skills.  About damn time.

I suppose that means I should start off with:

1. Project Life Mastery

I’m sure I’ve seen this guy before.

But I never watched any of his videos until this month.  I think the name of his channel scared me off.

That’s funny.  Because it’s the perfect name for practical, life-improvement brand.  To me, Project Life Mastery sounds like the best project.

Maybe I was thinking “scam”.  I really don’t know.

Luckily, I got over it.  And in pure ZB fashion, I consumed 10-15 of his videos in a day or two.

He talks about things I get down with.

Money Management


Passive Income & Investing

Fulfillment By Amazon


And it’s great to see he also has playlists for spirituality, mindset, and relationships.  I’m all about that holistic lifestyle, even if I don’t care what Stefan James has to say about it.  I have other sources for those things, but it’s reassuring to know that he does too.

After writing this sentence, I looked at his site.  I may in fact, come back to see what he has to say about other topics.

For now though, I’m focused on the money.

2. Income School

My team is working on several different websites at the moment.

A few of them are informational niche sites.

They generate income in several different ways.  Affiliate commissions and online advertising are the most significant.

While I was watching through different SEO videos, Google served me these guys.  With a name like “Income School“, they should really be teaching more ways to make money than they are.  But hey, I’d use the hell out of that URL too.  It tells me they know what they are doing.  They also use Divi, so I’m probably even more biased.


Project 24 added to the Wishlist.

They use SEO copywriting techniques I thought only I used.


A bolded answer paragraph to optimize for Google Instant Answers?


Good job guys.

Anyway, here’s some of my favorites:

They suffer from a lot of “white hat SEO” delusions.  But that also means they are REALLY good at what they do.  Like me, they know how to create content that Google finds and ranks without any extra work.  Definitely going to consume everything they have on offer.

After all, they specialize on my current number one priority.

3. Business Growth Log

I started this section last month.

Eventually, it may get its own monthly post.

Last month, let a few clients go to refocus my energy because I want more, bigger money machines.  I also need to update my own brands and launch important products.

Some progress was made.  It wasn’t exactly as I planned, but that was never expected.  This is also a much simplified version.  My real monthly planning takes up 13 pages in my Bullet Journal.  And I probably need to add a few.

Last month, I planned on this:

(Public) June Business Goals

  1. MiterSawReviews.Biz – Update all reviews.  Review all significant new saws.  Redo rankings.
  2. Work From Home Junkie – Make public.  Complete 1st guide.  Complete intro post.
  3. Greensboro SEO Pro – Service current clients.  Update brand and marketing plan.
  4. Other Marketing Brands – Optimize website backends.  Complete sitemap skeletons.
  5. Personal Brand – Make site presentable.  Optimize network.  June personal growth post +1.

Almost none of these things came to fruition:

(Public) June Business Production

  1. MiterSawReviews.Biz – Several reviews updated.  All Makita saws reviewed.
  2. Greensboro SEO Pro – Took on new writing.  Dominated campaigns for existing clients.
  3. Goals 2, 4, 5 – Little to nothing accomplished.  All pushed to backburner by new writing.
  4. Work Systems – Added several new writers.  Tested new writer training.  Plotted on new protocols.

I cut a few clients in April.  I cut even more in May.  But this month, I picked up a time-intensive one.  This may seem detrimental to my money machine goals.  And it could be, in the short term.  There are a lot of forces in the world telling me that generating cash now is a smart move.  And the more the better.

As much as I want to trade crypto and play with my brands all day, sh!t may be about to hit the fan.  This is true in the stock market and cryptocurrency.  I’m looking to invest more in both markets.  So I want prices to go DOWN DOWN DOWN.  If there is a crash in any major market, I want the ability to buy asset for CHEAP.  Lot’s of things indicate that this may happen.

That’s why I took some work from one of my favorite all-time clients.

In addition to cashflow, I see a lot of opportunity with this particular client anyway.  There is tons to learn and I’d be happy to earn any degree of partnership with him.

So, this next month looks a little different:

(Public) July Business Goals

  1. Know It All Copy – Launch brand.  Separate writing from GSP.  Dominate for current clients.
  2. MiterSawReviews.Biz – Publish new reviews.  Optimize network.  Review all cordless saws.
  3. Work From Home Junkie – Make public.  Complete 1st guide.  Complete intro post. Create resource pages.
  4. Greensboro SEO Pro – Service current clients.  Update site backend.  Optimize network.
  5. Personal Brand – Update site backend.  Optimize network.  July personal growth post +1 (or 2?).

The main change is the priority on writing.  I generate so many referral clients based on past work.  I’m going to double down on my systems, pitch, and long term planning.  This is a major time suck, but the main goal is to generate cash to reinvest.  If I get a perfect content marketing assembly line, I’ll also be able to produce content for myself more efficiently.

Let’s not kid ourselves though.

The main thing I want to do is:

4. Buy Crypto

BTC for $6K?


I thought I was going to have to time the market for this.  And I don’t like trying to catch falling knives.

So the way it is holding support looks beautiful to me.  Of course, I’m hoping it wants to drop to $4-5K so I can buy even more.  But the market makers sure are struggling to push it down there.  So I’ll take what I can get… anything to balance out those first small buys at $12.5 K.

Whatever the case, I’m focused on generating more fiat to continue buying at these levels.  Of course, I invest in a lot more than just Bitcoin itself.  And those other currencies are where the 10x potential lies.  But with all the positive fundamental develops in the market, the mainstream coins aren’t a bad play either.  They’ll all be even better plays if the BTC grants my wish and plummets past $5,900.

5. Growth Diary

Originally, this section is what I planned for these monthly posts.

And now that I’m creating other pages to hold info, that vision may come to reality.

If so, the word counts will continue to drop.  It doesn’t really matter though.  I barely promote this blog at all.  None of its content is that useful for anyone else yet anyway.  This is only a seed for the long term.


This month I:

I fncking love this song:

Sounds like Sublime, with that Eugene feel:

You already know:

Yeah, I just decided.  I need a Favorites page for all my good vibes music.  I just love these acoustic sounds and epic souls.

Turn off that brainwash music and let the good stuff wash over you.

Dude, I won’t front.  Half a year’s consistency has me pumped.

Once I finish dumping my bookmarks on the resources pages, it’s going to GO DOWN.  Oooooweeee I cannot wait to publish some of these posts I have half-written, though I suppose I need to get them fully written first.

Anyway, these are getting shorter and shorter.  Don’t be surprised if you catch me rambling extra somewhere else.

Until next time, thanks for reading.