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Online Cave of Zach Bradshaw | Autodidact & Aspiring Alchemist

What You’ll Find Here

For the time being, this site is mostly just a data dump.  Over time, it may become more useful to the outside observer.  Who knows?


My Own Research

I am the definition of a know-it-all.  Hopefully, someone else can use that to their advantage.  These pages are to cataloging my learnings.

Opinions of Same

I am a master of unsolicited advice.  Frankly, it’s annoying.  An outlet for self-expression, I hope this site will help me become a better listener.

Video Breakdowns

I consume hundreds of hours of video training, keynotes, and other education content.  Timestamping content helps me learn and teach others.

Who Is This Guy?

Hi, I’m Zach.

Thanks for checking out my site.

It’s a work in progress.  But things are finally coming along.  This site will function as a brand hub and personal blog in the long term.  I will also build out my favorites and profiles of my favorite heroes and role models.

I may even offer services directly through this site in the long term.

Just Do IT

That’s what this site is about for me.

More than anything else, it’s an exercise in putting myself out there.  Thus, this stupid lion picture 😂😅😂

For now, it’s also an exercise in consistency.


Zach Bradshaw’s Daily Content Challenge


The Evolution of This Site

Zach Bradshaw’s

Heroes &
Role Models

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Zach Bradshaw’s


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The Zach Bradshaw Blog

365 Day Content Challenge Week 18: Solid Bounce

Exuberance has returned to the market. After a shaky last few weeks, my content has seen perhaps the most significant rally to date. I produced a little bit of everything this week. Plus, I produced a lotta' bit of what may end up being the most important thing:...

Breaking Down Every Episode of Health Theory by Tom Bilyeu

Health Theory is one of the best shows online. There is SO MUCH gold in Tom Bilyeu's work. It's ridiculous. Health theory is like the health class we should have had in high school.  He brings on some of the biggest names in the health industry—medical professionals,...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 17: Market Tension

The market on Zach's content has begun a potential rebound. A bear flag does not seem likely. Markets are undervalued and the tension is high. It seems like we'll soar to all time highs on the next bull run.  But we've still got quite a ways to go. Our last bull run...

Why I Believe in Numerology [Life-Changing Belief #1]

I bought my first and only numerology book on a whim. It didn't take long to impress me. My profiles seemed extremely accurate right off the bat. I completed profiles for others.  They had similar experiences. But its mettle was proved beyond a doubt when I finally...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 16: Punked Out (False Restart II)

No shame in my game. Yet again, I'm back to square one. Back to a 1-day content streak. Back to Challenge .27397% Complete. And I have no excuse: I backed down to a bad morning routine, UNC sweeping Duke, and general punk-a$$edness. Obviously, there are some wins and...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 15: False Restart

So my 365 Day Content Challenge isn't going to plan so far. You guessed it: I failed to maintain my streak once again this week. This time, it was mostly just one day of weakness that did it. Moreover, I was on the cusp of scheduling enough content ahead of time to...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 14: Streak Broken

I've failed my 365-Day Content Challenge. Or you could say I reset it. I barely made it through a quarter of a year. What broke my streak was exactly what I feared may do so.  And yet, it wasn't that at all. Moreover, I'm only slightly disappointed. That's because I...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 13: Cleaning House

This was a killer week. There wasn't that much content expansion. Still, I made tremendous progress. As my brands expand, the amount of maintenance increases. With ZachBradshaw.com, I tend to create ten pieces of placeholder content for every completed one.  Because...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 12: Truck Stick

This week's content challenge was a real b!tch. Obstacle after obstacle came up. Setback after setback hit from out of nowhere. But challenge after challenge got RAN TF OVER. It didn't matter. Zach Bradshaw's Daily Content Challenge Rumbles On. And it feels so good....