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Online Cave of Zach Bradshaw | Autodidact & Aspiring Alchemist

What You’ll Find Here

For the time being, this site is mostly just a data dump.  Over time, it may become more useful to the outside observer.  Who knows?


My Own Research

I am the definition of a know-it-all.  Hopefully, someone else can use that to their advantage.  These pages are to cataloging my learnings.

Opinions of Same

I am a master of unsolicited advice.  Frankly, it’s annoying.  An outlet for self-expression, I hope this site will help me become a better listener.

Video Breakdowns

I consume hundreds of hours of video training, keynotes, and other education content.  Timestamping content helps me learn and teach others.

Who Is This Guy?

Hi, I’m Zach.

Thanks for checking out my site.

It’s a work in progress.  But things are finally coming along.  This site will function as a brand hub and personal blog in the long term.  I will also build out my favorites and profiles of my favorite heroes and role models.

I may even offer services directly through this site in the long term.

Just Do IT

That’s what this site is about for me.

More than anything else, it’s an exercise in putting myself out there.  Thus, this stupid lion picture 😂😅😂

For now, it’s also an exercise in consistency.


Zach Bradshaw’s Daily Content Challenge


The Evolution of This Site

Zach Bradshaw’s

Heroes &
Role Models

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Zach Bradshaw’s


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The Zach Bradshaw Blog

365 Day Content Challenge Week 38: Constructive on the Weekly

Another pound of ground beef down... Or maybe just another week of content. I've been consuming so much Krown I'm not sure. Whatever the case, my content production has been showing a strong correlation with BTC on the weekly and monthly timeframes. We've seen a...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 37: Consolidation

This week was weak. 😒💩👎 But my streak is still chugging along. 😁📈🙏 Things might be in a big of a pullback. That's fine.  It's healthy for markets and it's healthy for my Daily Content Challenge. Making creativity a habit is a crucial part of this exercise. Placing a...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 36: Safety Net

It might not be smooth... But it is getting done. I'm a week behind on my update posts. Yet my current streak is still alive. From the outside, it might look like it's hanging on by a thread. However that's not what's going on.  The truth is I've probably been...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 35: Trusted Systems

This Daily Content Challenge is boosting my Productivity across multiple planes. First, it's a test of (and eventually a testament to) my personal content production abilities. Second, it's a way for me to create and refine content production systems for my Digital...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 34: Alchemy

Without a doubt: My content production was the lowest this past week than it has been Before making up last week's update, I would have thought it was the last several weeks. But that's not what happened. This week was exceptionally weak within the context of my...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 33: Black As Night

As I started to put this one together—over two weeks ago now—I planned to call it "New Dawn." Coming back and knocking out this update to my Daily Content Challenge a week late, I thought the new title made more sense. Sorry Nahko. I usually use Healing Music for that...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 32: Renewed Commitment

Last week I allowed Inertia to push me along. This week I did not. This week I put a hard stop to my content streak. And I made some much needed decisions about this Daily Content Challenge. It's served me well so far. But recently I've come to realize that it needed...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 31: Inertia

One of the main goals of my Daily Content Challenge is to create a habit. And it seems that this objective may have already been achieved. ✔ Despite disheartening losses I continue to produce. ✔ Despite a new soul searching mandate last week I continue to produce. ✔...

365 Day Content Challenge Week 30: Moment of Weakness

Maybe I was onto something in last week's update. Or perhaps this is a bit more than simple Deja Vu. It very well could be an indication. Welp.  My content streak is back down to single digits after an apathetic Monday and Tuesday of this past week. 💩 Both days I...