Milestone achieved:

Three posts, on time, three months in a row.

That’s a new record for me.

But no time for gloating.  Just set the next marker out in front.

Six months of “My Month in Personal Growth” posts sounds like more of an achievement anyway.

Eventually, I’m hoping for weekly or daily.  But baby steps.

So here we are.

Let’s get into who I’ve used for brainwashing this month.

1. Tai Lopez

I bought into an investing course by Tai Lopez in December.

It came bundled with several of his other courses and I consumed the hell out of all of them.  I’m sure I have watched/listened to 150+ Tai Lopez videos in that time.  Some of the videos were BAD ASS.  But a lot of them made me say, “eh…”

For some reason, I didn’t check out his “67 Steps” program first.  It might have been because the other courses had names that let me know exactly what they were about.  I mean really, 67 steps to success?  Whatever bro.  Right?

Plus the titles of the lessons are pretty ridiculous:


But eventually, I realized it was his first and best-reviewed course.

Now, I’m about 13 videos in and I can say it is easily the best course he has.  And I actually started watching it at the perfect time.  Right now, I am allowing my friend to live with me to the extent that I can practice some life-coaching on them.  Tai’s 67 Steps is exactly the medicine I needed.

He likes to ramble and seems egocentric.  But he is also very well read and rather successful.  And his definition of success is more like mine than I would have thought.  And more than anything else, he has the humility to find people to learn from.  This makes him someone I want to learn from.

The 67 Steps is perfect brainwashing for me.

Furthermore, I think it will make real difference for people just beginning their Personal Growth journey.

(I might use my friend as a guinea pig and create a post or two out of it.  We will see.)

2. Impact Quote & AMAs

You shouldn’t be surprised to see my boy Tom back on the monthly roundup.

This month, I caught several AMAs and long-form Impact Quotes.

Here are some of the best ones I watched:

Message from the Author:

Hi! Thanks for reading. 😊

Some of the content from this section has moved.

Namely, some of my favorite Tom Bilyeu videos were originally posted here.

You can mine gold nuggets from all of these.  At least I did.

But do some mining into the next guy’s world and you’re likely to find diamonds.

3. Seth Godin

I have to thank Tom Bilyeu for introducing me to so many great minds

Seth Godin is no exception.

I work in Internet Marketing.  So it is hard not to know Seth’s name.  However, I am embarrassed to say that I hardly knew more than that.  That was, until I watched this episode of Impact Theory:

He invented commercial email.  He has one of the most popular blogs in the world.  He has enjoyed massive success in several domains.

But he is also a good human.  I am so excited to dive deeper into his world.

I will definitely read Linchpin, Tribes, and Permission Marketing.  I will also attend his AltMBA.  I will also pay for his uDemy courses (despite the fact that he is one of the only publishers whose course prices never drop to $10).

Upon Tom’s mentioning it, I found and watched this talk.

As both a writer and online marketer, I am so grateful to have role models like this.

I will probably watch every single talk of his that I can find on YouTube.

And I will definitely be seeing him around.

4. Greg Plitt

Greg Plitt is (was) another legend…

But of a much different ilk.

I first heard his voice on the Motivational Compilations I start my mornings with.  I didn’t know who he was, but I liked what he said haha

His clips are pretty fncking hype.  He doesn’t hold back.  He cusses.  He cries.  He generally just goes in.

As a man, he was easily the most famous fitness model of all time. holds a wealth of information about health and fitness.  I will definitely do a deep dive into the diet and workout videos eventually.

But he was also passionate about being the best he could be—which is how I discovered him.

Like I said, he is often used in the best motivational compilations.

But there are also some epic tribute videos that are really powerful.

Message from the Author:

Hi! Thanks for reading. 😊

Some of the content from this section has moved.

Namely, some of my favorite Greg Plitt videos were originally posted here.

I love his raw emotion and brutal honesty.  I also love how human he was.

R.I.P. Greg Plitt.

Your legacy will forever live on in the six-packs and “indomitable wills” of men around the world (including mine).

5. Grant Cardone

Last but not least, my boy GC.

I have been consuming Grant Cardone videos like a wild banshee.  That’s because it’s time for me to sell.  Both my local SEO and content writing business models are ripe for scaling.  It took awhile to get the systems in place that allow me to deliver the highest level product to many clients at once.  It probably didn’t help that I was working on both at once.

Whatever.  Now they can both reap the benefits.

I’ve seen plenty of episodes of Grant’s real estate investing show.  I’ve also seen some of his talks on Financial Literacy.

But only recently have I done a deep dive into the Sales side.

Young Hustlers is my kind of show.

Message from the Author:

Hi! Thanks for reading. 😊

Some of the content from this section has moved.

Namely, some of my favorite Grant Cardone videos were originally posted here.

And I know I watched plenty of his other material.  I’ll definitely buy Sell or Be Sold, Be Obsessed or Be Average, and The 10X Rule.  I will also jump into Cardone U soon, grab the Grant Cardone Playbook, and make my way to the next 10X Growth Con.

With two businesses primed to explode and another two getting closer to the same point, I know that better sales skills are what I need to go to the next level.  I’m hungry to gain them quickly.

This is one advantage of creating businesses that help people:

There is 0 guilt in the sales process.

Now, I am actually excited to learn about something that I know most people dread.  Sounds like an advantage to me. :)

Well, there is my five for March.  Thanks for reading.

They served me well and I’m sure they will continue to do so.  I’ve been finding plenty of new role models each month so far in 2018.  And again, I am surprised to leave Brian Johnson and PNTV out.  I’ve watched several of the newest ones, but I’ve had too much else to binge on.  Not to mention… PUTTING IN THE WORK.  I do a lot of that.

I start and end my days with learning.  I learn in the car.  I learn washing the dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning my bathroom.  I’m pretty obsessed with getting where I want to be.  If filling my life with inspiring people every single day is the price, so be it.

It’s all about Brainwashing Myself into the best me.

And I’ll be right back at it next month.

Stay tuned. :D