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It ain’t much.  But it is mine.  This is Zach Bradshaw’s data dump of a personal website.  I’m building it as a means to a variety of ends.  In a way, that puts it on track to have no end.  Sounds like a pain in the butt.  When it’s all said and done though, I’m sure it will be more than worth it.

What You’ll Find Here

For the time being, this site is mostly just a data dump.  Over time, it may become more useful to the outside observer.  Who knows?


My Own Research

I am the definition of a know-it-all.  Hopefully, someone else can use that to their advantage.  These pages are to cataloging my learnings.

Opinions of Same

I am a master of unsolicited advice.  Frankly, it’s annoying.  An outlet for self-expression, I hope this site will help me become a better listener.

Video Breakdowns

I consume hundreds of hours of video training, keynotes, and other education content.  Timestamping content helps me learn and teach others.

Why I Am Building This Site


How To Manual

I’m turning myself into a monster.  I dominate my life.  I used to be a scrub.  I am building this site for the 14, 21, 28, 35 year-old versions of my sons.  For Tashy and ‘Tayo: How to Become The Hero of Your Own Journey.




Progress is subjective without metrics.  This site helps me keep track of my progress.  It also serves as a data dump for everything I learn and want to learn.  Finally, it’s a great place to make my wins and losses public.



It’s about time I stretched my wings.  In order to do that, I’ve first got to stretch my limits.  This site gives me various opportunities to do so.  Consistency, vulnerability, storytelling—this is an arena for all.


Ninja SEO

I am a search engine optimization ninja.  This site is setting up for something big.  As it grows, I’ll be able to leverage it for a few unique SEO strategies.  It may be a couple of years away but it’s already being baked in.


Self Expression

I live much of my life as a hermit.  Then, I get around people and can’t stop running my mouth.  Clearly, there’s an imbalance.  Hopefully this will help even that out.  And maybe something good will come of it.


Life Purpose

I believe you choose your life purpose.  You create your life purpose.  You commit to your life purpose.  It doesn’t fall on you.  I would like to be a Beacon of Unconditional Love.  This site is an aid to that end.



I have a lot (read: too many) of ideas.  This site is a way to develop on those ideas without pressure.  The content here will mature organically, based on my on own growth and study.  Brands will be hatched.



It’s not a priority now, but eventually I’ll use this site to make money.  I might add affiliate offers or use it to sell more services.  Or I might even create myself a dream job working for one of my heroes.  Only time will tell.

The Evolution of This Site

Zach Bradshaw’s

Heroes &
Role Models

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Zach Bradshaw’s


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