Rise of the Citizen Journalist | Bernie Bro to MAGA Man Part 2

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I think this is probably the most important development of the Information Age.

It has certainly been one of the most important developments for me.

Freedom of information changed my life.

I might even say that it saved my life.

Hopefully, it can save our country.

Most Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media.

But not as many have found trustworthy outlets to replace them.

The result:

Many Americans get their “news” from social media but only half-believe most of what they hear. While the truth is often only a Google search away, no one wants to fact-check every outrageous headline.

We’ve got sh!t to do and there is only so much time in a day.

Not to mention, fact checking doesn’t always lead you to a single truth.

There Are No Facts, Just Information

^^^ I’m not sure where I first heard this phrase.

But I think it’s so true.

There is a ton of conflicting information. It’s no wonder people have such a hard time figuring out what to believe.

Information overload on a massive scale.

Plus, articles are engineered to stir your emotions. Everything from the headlines to the comment section are designed with “maximum engagement” in mind. Some of these tactics are more manipulative than you know.

You almost need a team to separate facts from opinions.

Perhaps even worse:

Social media algorithms aren’t meant to show you the truth. They are meant to keep you locked in on your screen. Engineers design them to play on your brain’s reward centers—creating effects similar to drug addiction.

On top of the inherent risks there…

It seems some are taking advantage.

Monopoly on Attention

Social media is the new town square.

Facebook and Twitter especially, are word of mouth marketplaces.

They receive special protections under the law as such.

Via Section 230:

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

Basically, they aren’t responsible for the content of their creators. This is good for free speech. Otherwise, they might have to screen every piece of content users create. YouTube, Reddit, and probably even Facebook would die overnight.

Here’s the problem:

They use those protections then still censor voices they disagree with.

Facebook offers a curated feed of posts. You choose your friends and who you follow. Over time, it learns what you’re most likely to interact with and shows you more of it. This leads to an echo chamber effect, especially when it comes to politics.

(Ever found yourself asking, “why is Facebook so negative?” Well, it’s not Facebook that is negative.)

If it were more widely known, this echo chamber effect wouldn’t be so bad. Many people have no clue they are only getting one side of most stories.

However, that’s not where it ends. Former employees have admitted to suppressing conservative voices years ago. And new accusations come up constantly. For example, they recently removed 216 Trump campaign ads.

Twitter used to be the best place to “get the word out.” Depending on your topic, it still is. Originally, Twitter had more of an unfiltered feed of posts with no curation. You saw all posts from everyone you followed. Excellent for news and current events.

Unfortunately, leadership at Twitter pretends that this is how their platform functions today.

Amazingly, you can still read Setting the Record Straight on Shadow Banning on their blog. They pretend it doesn’t happen. In real life, screenshots of their shadow banning tools leaked just a few months ago.

I don’t mind bias. And I think private companies should be able to do what they want. But these platforms have control of our conversation.


At the time of this writing, they are censoring potentially the biggest political scandal in the history of our country!

More on that later.

We can’t let them use legal protections to manipulate public opinion.
Similarly, we must protect our cumulative knowledge.

Monopoly on Answers

Google used to have the motto:

“Don’t be evil.”

I used to believe they really meant it.

Maybe once upon a time they did. But eventually they had to change it.
At first, I thought it was just because it put too large a target on their back. Seems natural in a time when large corporations are blamed for so many of the world’s problems.

Now, I’m not so sure.

‘Cuz Google does some really suspect things.

For example, Tulsi Gabbard’s Google Ads account was mysteriously disabled after several big moments at one of the 2020 Democratic debates.

She sued for $50 million over it and lost.

Stephen Crowder’s team also found evidence of a shadow ban against her on YouTube (Google owns YouTube). It was active in the United States for a select period of time. He might not have noticed if not for uncovering the same thing on his own channels. Luckily, I was watching at the time and corroborated these stories for myself. Otherwise, I might not have believed them.

I can 100% confirm this is not how Google is “supposed to” operate.

Before this, I used to write know-it-all-SEO comments under conservative videos:

“Claiming Google suppression delegitimizes your points and makes you look dumb. Get your SEO skills up! You aren’t even optimizing your video descriptions for blah blah blah…”

Insufferable prick.


I used to leave the same kind of comments on Tim Pool’s videos.

Here’s how Google treats him in search results:

Here’s how they treat David Pakman, a similar news personality.

You may not notice a difference.

To the trained-in-SEO eye, there is one big thing that jumps out. Both of these guys are most famous from their YouTube channels. But for some reason, Tim’s channel and videos seem to be suppressed.

His channel link only appears in the knowledge panel, not the results list. And none of the videos featured on the results page come from his channel. Based on Google’s norms, Tim Pool and David Pakman’s results page should be much more similar. Based on what I know, I would actually expect Tim to have more links to his own channels, because he has several.

It’s quite odd. Both of these guys are lefties. The only real difference I can see is that Tim Pool doesn’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome, while David does. Tim has no problem criticizing our President but can also acknowledge when he gets it right.

That’s why I think if anyone is going to save the American press, it will be guys like Tim.

Journalism is Dead; Long Live Journalism

I’m no expert on journalism.

But I do know what I want in my news:

The truth.

I think that’s what everyone wants.

Personally, I don’t mind bias as long as the source is honest about their perspective. I enjoy hearing from both sides. However, the facts are paramount.

That’s where journalism died.

The mainstream media is full of liars. Perhaps it’s always been that way…

Who knows?

Luckily though, the Internet gives us a chance. The mainstream media’s spell over many of us has been broken.

In 2020, it’s way too easy to copy and paste these fools contradicting themselves:

But we aren’t out of the woods yet.

With at least partial control over the platforms we get information from, they are able to steer people toward inaccuracies labelled as “truth.”

In the Information Age:

Anyone can make commentary. This is both a gift and a curse.

Unfortunately, these platforms on which we rely choose how to distribute these gifts and curses. We passively accept their curation as “featured posts” and “ban hammers.”

They’ve twisted free speech. We need to start pushing back.

But they hold the upper hand. And I’ve started to witness a trend.

So let me share my sources before the next level of censorship comes.

My Favorite Citizen Journalists

Despite the efforts of the mainstream media…

The truth is getting out.

A few journalists dedicated to truth.

A few talking heads who want to be heard.

And a few scholars who want you to know.

Again, anyone can provide commentary in 2020.

Fact checks are still necessary. But that’s okay. In trying to seek the truth, you realize that you’re destined to get it wrong sometimes.

Factor the perspective in and you can come to appreciate the lens.

That’s why I enjoy all of the talking heads.

Still though, I like to get my news from those who are trying to toe the line.

Here are my top five:

Tim Pool

Tim is probably my favorite person to get news from.

I definitely don’t agree with him about everything. In fact, I probably disagree with him on most mainstream political issues. However, I trust him to do his research and stay balanced. He doesn’t get everything right but he tries hard.

Check out Tim Pool, the best video journalist in the game.

James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe might be the bravest man in the media.

He fills a similar niche as Julian Assange. However, he is much more of a journalist himself. You might also say he’s more careful. Whereas Julian had to go into exile, Project Veritas is prepared to wage battles in court..

Check out James O’Keefe, whistleblower extraordinaire.



Kim Iversen

Kim Iversen is my favorite person to watch deliver news.

She’s very progressive. So I disagree with her on most political issues. Foreign policy is the major exception. I like her coverage of the military industrial complex most. And she’s willing to call out “the establishment” on both sides.

Check out Kim Iversen, the bombshell delivering bombshells.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck may be the journalist I respect most.

I recently heard him say that he’s not a journalist. To me, that just sounds like trying to admit his bias. Once upon a time, he might have been considered “mainstream.” Today, he’s one of the most important voices on the right.

Check out Glenn Beck, a true Patriot and keeper of our history.

Sargon of Akkad

Carl Benjamin is basically just a common-sense British dude.

I may just like him because he has a British accent but he has a refreshing take on news. He offers political and current events commentary on issues that affect the U.K., U.S.m and the English-speaking world at large.

Check out Sargon of Akkad, voice of reason from across the pond.

Sidenote: I’ve noticed that the powers that be may try socially-destructive strategies in the U.K. first.

For example, banning anti-pedophilia videos:

David Rubin

Dave Rubin is something like a reformed lefty.

He still considers himself a “classical liberal.” And he’s another talking head who doesn’t consider himself a journalist. Whatever he thinks, conservatism gains traction and journalism remains alive through him.

Check out Dave Rubin, the accidental journalist.


Freedom of Information is One Hell of a Drug

Over the last few years…

I’ve watched guys like Tim Pool and Dave Rubin get left behind by the left.

There’s a common refrain:

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.”

I’m not sure I was ever a Democrat. Politically homeless is probably more accurate. Even today, I’m still a fence-straddler. I try to remain fair and continue learning.

I think most people do.

For those able to cut through the noise, one thing has become obvious:

The left is eating itself.

I could be wrong.

But it doesn’t seem like it takes too many exposures to wake people up.

And surprisingly enough, the source of insight doesn’t always have to be “news” related. As the public squares become one large conversation, other players in the culture become accidental voices in new and politics.

That’s what happened to Dave Rubin. He’s a comedian. Now, whether he likes it or not, he has become a source of information that people trust.

He’s not the only one with this kind of following, either.

Street Interviewers

This category should really be like news.

But it feels like entertainment.

Many of these new street interviews are hilarious.

Since Trump was elected, leftist street activism has been at an all-time high. Women’s marches, Black Lives Matter protests, and others.

Funny thing is:

Many of them simply devolve into anti-Trump rallies.

Press the participants about their opinions and YouTube gold appears.

Here are a few of my favorites at taking advantage of it:

Owen Shroyer

Owen is the world’s #1 cuck destroyer.

Banned from most social media, he spends his days journeying into the belly of the beast. The strength and composure he shows in the face of the liberal hivemind is a sight to behold. The bards will sing of his courage.

Check out Owen Shroyer, perhaps the left’s most hated.

Elijah Schaffer

Elijah Schaffer is my favorite gay black woman in news.

Creator of the show Slightly Offensive on YouTube, he’s pretty much just another regular dude. He’s a brave street interviewer, willing to present unpopular ideas. Sometimes, he also infiltrates hostile protest groups.

Check out Elijah Schaffer, who risks his life for America.


Elad is a fair and balanced interviewer.

In a more sane world, he would be pretty boring. Fortunately for his subscriber count, half of the left has gone insane. He asks good questions and tries to remain balanced. Still, the lefties try to chase him away.

Check out Elad, and laugh at the Barely Informed.

Austen Fletcher

Fleccas is too chill for this sh!t.

I doubt he would be involved in news in another era. As things stand, he’s a needed voice of calmness. Starting from “Trump is not that bad,” he carefully walks lefties back from the cliff of full Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Check out Fleccas, the coolest bro in news.


Talking Heads

I doubt any of these guys intended to be journalists.

It kinda’ just happened.

In the Age of Information, it’s often authenticity that rises to the top.

Some of my favorite talking heads are political commentators. But many others took a circuitous route to earn their platforms.

A lot of them just turn on the camera and talk sh!t.

Devoid of the agenda, the real news often gets out.

My favorite accidental journalists:

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is the number #1 podcaster in the world.

He invites guests from a wide range of domains, including politics. His long-form discussions provide good insight into his guests and their expertise. Plus, his massive reach pulls new audiences in.

Check out Joe Rogan, asker of all questions.


Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is one of my favorite entrepreneurs.

Creator of Valuetainment on YouTube, he publishes some of the best interviews on the Internet. He asks tough questions and doesn’t mind controversy. I like him because he sees things with a businessman’s eye.

Check out Pat Bet-David, contender for the G.O.A.T.

Andrew Klavan

Andrew Klavan is the most talented man in political commentary.

He is my favorite voice at the Daily Wire. I rate him on the same level of intellect as my “modern scholars” but he is more of a creative. Still, he offers the most practical advice you can find, 100% guaranteed to change your life.

Check out Andrew Klavan (K-L-A-V-A-N there are no E’s in Klavan).

Yesterday’s episode was a banger:

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is my favorite video essayist.

He boasts an incredible collection of videos dismantling leftist ideas. Witty, rebellious, and oh-so-savage, he is one of the few creators whose content I find myself watching multiple times.

Check out Paul Joseph Watson, if you can handle it.




An0maly is a multi-faceted content creator.

He is a hip hop artist. I quit listening to rap so I’m not sure whether he’s any good at it. He also does news and current events. I don’t watch enough of his videos but I get the impression we agree on most things.

Check out An0maly, man of Legendary Energy.

Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza plays an important game for the right.

He is one of the few conservative feature filmmakers. His documentaries on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have given him some powerful enemies. But with the immigrant’s mindset, he risks his life to fight tyranny.

Check out Dinesh D’Souza, stirrer of important pots.

Modern Scholars

Nothing gives me more hope for the future.

Humans today have unrivaled ability to guide their own scholarship.

History, economics, law, psychology, evolutionary biology—you have access to more answers than you have questions for.

Unfortunately, lecture series don’t typically get as many views as twerking videos.


Still, some of these topics get more attention that one might expect.

Part of that has to do with the personalities that present them.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson is the most important person in the world.

At least, it seems that way to me. If anything can save our society, JBP videos might be one of them. A true scholar with practical wisdom, many feel that he illuminates things they always knew within.

Check out Jordan Peterson, keeper of the Patriarchy.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is one of the most accomplished men on Earth.

He is a world-renowned economist and philosopher. He is a truly prolific writer, who brings hard data to the topics of wealth and race. His largely undisputed works contradict many leftist positions on economic inequality.

Check out Thomas Sowell, delineator of discrimination and disparities.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris is one of the most brilliant men in the public square.

He is a true champion of the left. Men like Sam help conservatives refine their arguments. I’m not smart or learned enough to debunk him, yet. But knowledge like his is something worth aspiring to.

Check out Sam Harris, a lefty that actually makes sense.

Honorable Mention

If I had the time, I could add many more names to the list.

I may eventually come back and do so.

I might include Alex Jones, Owen Benjamin, and other pariahs who have already been banned from the big platforms.

Speaking of pariahs, I might add black conservatives like Larry Elder, Brandon Tatum, Young Rippa, and Jesse Lee Peterson to the mix.

There are also many other street interviewers, like Will Witt with Prager U:

Then there are also a ton of other scholars and personalities I want to hear more from, like Eric Weinstein and Douglas Murray.

Predictably though, I spend more time listening to the Critical Drinker, Birdman, Salty Cracker, Aba & Preach, and other self-styled comedians. But even these guys contributed to my red-pilling. Almost all of them have had their run-ins with cancel culture, critical race theory, or other regressive ideas.

Makes sense. These are the kind of guys that are willing to voice unpopular opinions.

We need them.

Finally, there’s another group that might signal a big shift in American culture.

President Trump has to take credit for this one.

More political figures are taking to social media in meaningful ways. Young guns on both sides like AOC and Dan Crenshaw both do a decent job on Instagram and elsewhere. Senator Ted Cruz has a popular podcast. Organizations like Judicial Watch (who submit lots of Freedom of Information Act requests) have a platform to keep people informed.

Then, guys like Rudy Guiliani have a chance to make a real difference:

In addition to these names, I could go on and on.

However, we’ve already established that information overload is a real threat.

Sometimes, it feels like drinking from the hose.

Drowning Truth

In so many stories today:

Identifying the facts is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You could drown in the flow of information.

It’s either that or follow the herd.

Simultaneously, we give these platforms unprecedented access over various aspects of our lives. It’s not just the communications infrastructure. They know where you go, who you know, and what you do. We give them all of the information for free.

As Gary Vee says, we choose convenience over privacy.

Reasonable people might even expect them to take advantage of it. Humans are not naturally good, after all.

It could be that the Internet is destined to kill the freedom of information at the same time that it empowers it.

Ya know one thing that doesn’t help?

Fake News

Fakes news has become a major cliche.

If I’m not mistaken:

The term “fake news” was originally lobbed at Trump by the mainstream media. He managed to catch their disinformation grenade and toss it right back at them. The term stuck and blew up in their faces.

They pretend like it didn’t happen though.

Via Urban Dictionary:

Like I said in the intro to this series, NPR played a major role in red pilling me. Their squawking became too much to bear. At the time, I wasn’t playing close enough attention to catch them in lies. NPR has a special place in my heart and I generally think NPR is pretty honest (NOTE: this changed as I finished this post tonight). But it’s been years since I listened to them everyday.

Most of the rest of the media though, I have no doubts about.

They are a pack of lying dogs.

What’s worse, they’re good at it.

Plus, it’s not always the media who is lying. Sometimes, the politicians and other officials do the lying. Then the fake news media just carries their water for them. As Trump’s presidency has gone on, they’re seemingly becoming more desperate.

Let’s go through some of their most damaging lies.

Very Fine People

This is the one that irritates me the most.

It might be because they still repeat it today.

“Trump called the KKK very fine people.”

Fake News Coverage:

Actual Footage:

Extended clips from various press conferences in days after Charlottesville tragedy and after: Aug 12, Aug 14, Aug 15. The “very fine people” comment comes from the last one. And what he said was true.

There are “very fine people” on both sides of the Confederate statues debate.

There are also morons on both sides. Duh.

If you ask me:

Trump didn’t get it perfect. But he did a pretty good job. As usual.

Not to mention, he has condemned white supremacy countless times.

Proud Boys

For me:

This one provided a good example of how easily most people accept what the mainstream media says.

It’s actually pretty darn ridiculous to think that…

“The proud boys are white supremacists.”

Fake News Coverage:

Interview with Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys:

I posted the video above and wrote a few other statuses on the Proud Boys. Some people responded calling the proud boys a “open white supremacist organization.” I pointed them in the direction of the extended interview. They said that was not a valid source and told me I needed a third party source to verify.

Wait, what?

They’re “open” white supremacists but their words don’t count?

Their chairman is an afro-cuban man and some chapters even work with Black Lives Matter.

I don’t care. Still Nazis!

Okay, buddy.

Sidenote: Google seems to be suppressing Proud Boy’s official web properties.

Here’s what comes up when you search “proud boys” on Google versus what comes up on DuckDuckGo.

Maybe I’m reading into it too much. But it seems like maybe they don’t want you to find the tenets of the Proud Boys. You might find “anti-racism” or something. Or even worse, you might actually start to take pride in America again.


Now this is where it starts to get scary.

“Antifa is an idea.”

Fake News Coverage (from Joe Biden’s mouth):

What FBI Director Wray Actually Said:

It’s amazing how conniving these people are.

An idea is rioting for 100+ straight days in Portland and burning cities across our country? An idea is attacking Trump supporters in the streets? An idea is tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln? An idea is injuring federal agents?

Jerry Nadler even took it a step further:

Whatcha’ll smoking?

Oh, our country.

I get it.


This one is everything rolled into one.

Infuriating and absolutely terrifying.

They tried to impeach our President for looking into a:

“Debunked Ukrainian conspiracy”

Fake News Coverage:

Glenn Beck Explains the Ukraine Scandal:

From the Hunter Biden’s Laptop:

BlazeTV Documentary on Biden Corruption:

This is not a “debunked conspiracy theory” at all.

It’s just a conspiracy. Joe Biden obviously did it.

Funniest thing about this one:

Some of the mainstream media were looking into this before Biden started his run for President. See: Biden, Inc. from POLITICO. Once he emerged as the front runner, the propaganda started flowing the other way.

And now, they’re using the premise of “fact checking” to suppress the real facts.

Fact Checking

As I write this:

The New York Post is still not allowed to post on Twitter.

Their crime?

They published a story containing information from Hunter Biden’s laptop that directly contradicts what Joe Biden has said about his son’s business dealings.

Since their account was locked 8 days ago, even more information from the laptop has come to light. All of the info seems to line up. The laptop was obtained legally. Hunter left it at a computer repair shop and never came back for it.

The hard drive allegedly contains photos of Hunter smoking crack and underage porn. Beyond that, there are texts, emails, and other documents that outline how Joe Biden used Hunter to cash in on his Vice Presidency.

And guess what?

The FBI has been sitting on this thing for months.

Now, the tech platforms are suppressing the story. At first, Facebook even prevented you from sending the story via direct message.

It’s probably the biggest scandal our country has ever known.

Yet the powers that be don’t want you to know about it.

NPR’s Manage Editor for News even called it a pure distraction:

Not really a story?



I’ll take another red pill please sir.

This is just the latest use of “fact-checking” as an excuse for censorship. Over the last few months, social platforms have added 3rd-party fact checks to posts about COVID-19, sex trafficking, and mail in ballots.

I even had this video fact checked when I shared it on Instagram:

I have no idea why.

All of it together makes you a little suspicious though.

So what do we do when the fact checkers need fact checking?

Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

I’ve recently bought website names like:

  • Whattheyliedabouttoday.com
  • Coveringthecoverage.com
  • Theoryorconspiracy.com

I’m going to hire writers to find the answers for me.

Hit me up if you’d like to help!

You’ll definitely learn…

How To Do Your Own Research

“Do your own research.”

…Has become a cliché.

Many say this is what led them to support Trump.

Our president himself isn’t very good at dispensing red pills. It’s the research around his presidency that wakes people up.

I think it’s natural to ask yourself, “What else are they lying about?”

Admittedly, it’s not always intentional misinformation. Some of these issues are somewhat built into the online news business model. Rushing to get the scoop leads to partial stories. And headlines are often hyperbolic to attract clicks.

For these and more reasons, it’s not always easy to “do your own research.”

Every time you get to the bottom of something, you find another rabbit hole.

Thus, the post you’re reading.

One of the main reasons I’ve felt the need to speak up is due to my unique position as an Internet marketer.

I notice things on these platforms that others don’t.

And I’ve written many thoroughly-researched posts like this one that I’ve gotten to the top of Google. Not only do I know how the algorithms work, I know how to bend them to my will. I also know when things are out of place, as you’ve seen already.

So here are some things you should know:

  • For most searches, Google tries to show the best results to satisfy users. They’re good at it. That’s why they are the number one search engine.
  • Ultimately, they want to eliminate search and become an “answers engine.” Instead of sending you to other sites with the answer, they answer your query.
  • When things are disputed, they try to show a mix. They might put Opinion A at #1 then Opinion B at #2 and #3, then alternate from there. If the algorithm is more “sure” of the answer, you might have to go to #8 for a dissenting opinion.
  • For more sensitive topics like health and finance, Google implements more stringent control that lead to more “credible sources” at the top. Pretty reasonable. Of course, they wouldn’t want misinformation about topics like vaccines to rise to the top of search results. 🙄🙄🙄

Depending on the topic, my writers at Greensboro SEO Pro, may be required to read all 20 of the articles on the first two pages of Google before they get started. We value dissenting opinions. For some searches, you have to dig deeper than others to uncover them.

For some of the topics discussed in these posts though, I’m starting to lose faith in Google.

I’m fairly sure they manipulated their coronavirus results. Unfortunately, I wasn’t set up to capture evidence so I have no proof. It was like they gave certain sources (like the WHO and CDC) an extra boost—so much so that it impacted non-coronavirus searches.

It’s pretty annoying. But I also see that I’m one of the most well-equipped (and motivated) to sort through it.

And so I ask again, would you like to help?

The Red Pill of Information

To wrap this up:

Freedom is information is one of the main things that red pilled me.

Conversations on the Internet, mainstream media manipulation, and seeing the “tech giants” do suspicious things all played a role.

I crowdsource my news and education.

I’m sure yours aren’t the same as mine. And they don’t have to be. Nor do you always have to do all of your own research.

You are entitled to your own flows of information.

But beware:

Try to avoid half-believing the things you don’t look into. If you half-believe the narrative 1000 times in a row, you’ll end up with 95% certainty. For many of us, 95% certainty isn’t much different from 100%.

It’s no wonder people are so sure of falsehoods like “Donald Trump is a racist.”

We think we should all be a little more 50/50 on things. That’s one of the main goals of this series.

It’s also why I place some of those that seek and try to spread the Truth amongst my Heroes.

Thank God for the Freedom of Information.

Of course, I’m not perfect. I’m sure I’ll get some things wrong. Please, if you possess pieces of the puzzle that I am missing, share them in the comments below. Or, if you’d like to get paid to present your position, I’m always looking for new writers for new brands. I want to know the truth so I welcome those capable of poking holes in my arguments.

Otherwise, please like and share this post if you have some lefties that might be on the fence. I used to be one of them. Maybe something I say can sway them back toward the light. It’s more important than ever that we speak up and every vote counts. Our country is on the line.


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