There’s a lot of great business content online.

I might have consumed an unhealthy amount of it already.

Now, I’m more on the application side.

So PBD at Valuetainment gets more of my watchtime than anyone else right now.  Actionable advice to the extreme.

It might be the best content for entrepreneurs on the planet today.

But ya know, there’s always Gary Vee.

So I’d say, content from VaynerMedia’s Daily Digital Deep Dive is a close second.  Where Valuetainment provides lessons on all different aspects of business, the 4 Ds videos offer a live look-in on part of a $10,000 consulting product.  You get contextual insights you won’t find elsewhere online.

It’s pretty friggin’ bada$$.

Obviously, this hour with Gary is only a part of what participants pay for.

It’s a round-robin style Q & A session focused on Digital Marketing.  But it’s Gary, so it always leaks into overall Marketing Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

A must-have for my reference banks.

Welcome to Zach’s digital notes on the 4Ds.

The best way to find them is to search for it on his channel like this.

Or, feel free to use my annotations.

Gary Vee’s 4Ds – The Best Consulting Product on Planet Earth?

This list goes in order of release date.

Enjoy the data dump.


63 Minute Consultation for Small Businesses & Personal Brands | 4 Ds Published October 13th, 2018

Business Owner 1 – Solar Energy Installers

Business Owner 2 – Costume Retailer

Business Owner 3 – Industrial Machinery Reseller

  • (Pull Your Hair Out As He Describes His Business)

Business Advice You Can’t Afford NOT to Follow | 4 Ds Published October 23th, 2018

Amazing Buy the Jets Plan Laid Out Like a Savage

eCommerce “Moments in Time” Example

Coming Soon Eventually


How to Sell Anything on Facebook & Instagram | 4 Ds Published November 6th, 2018

Coming Soon Eventually


How to Prepare a Business for Long Term Success | 4 Ds Published December 10th, 2018

Coming Soon Eventually


There are also a few smaller clips I will probably add.

And of course, Gary comes out with new content non-stop.  I’m sure to catch up with all of the videos here in one fell swoop.

Still, I need this documentation live on my site so I can find it.  And I might as well post some more unique content that touches several of my Favorites.

While the formatting and plenty else has room for improvement, I have bigger fish to fry.

So perhaps a bit premature, but this one goes live.

My Daily Content Challenge marches on.