This was a killer week.

There wasn’t that much content expansion.

Still, I made tremendous progress.

As my brands expand, the amount of maintenance increases.

With, I tend to create ten pieces of placeholder content for every completed one.  Because Greensboro SEO Pro is a marketing company, a lot less is left unfinished.  But there’s still plenty to do.

That’s fine.

I got plenty done this week.

Pruning Season

Again, clean up was the theme.

Now that I’ve worked out my video production issues from a few weeks ago, we’re gearing up for some big things.

Certainly, there is plenty brewing in the background.

Yet this week, it was all about things already published.

Even the latest video on our SEO Training Channel was really about cleaning up our funnel.  It’s not really SEO training.  It’s more a video to say you don’t need training: just apply for our Free SEO Audit.

From there, a lot of what we did was about cleaning up some of our backend website development.

On that note, there’s still plenty left to do.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 2/10/19 – 2/16/19

The mobile fixes on were crucial this week.

Next week, we’ll try to finish that up and add new content.  For this site, I’m sure I’ll dump some new data from what I learn this week.

But I haven’t gotten through 1% of the clean up this site requires.

So I expect the “Zach Bradshaw brand cleanup” to continue until the late stages of my Daily Content Challenge—and potentially beyond.

Once complete though, this will be a MASSIVE site.

My Week

Sunday February 10th, 2019

Monday February 11th, 2019

Tuesday February 12th, 2019

Wednesday February 13th, 2019

  • Published SEO Expert Video | GSP YouTube
  • Updated Home Page |

Thursday February 14th, 2019

Friday February 15th, 2019

Saturday February 16th, 2019

This challenge has been awesome so far.

As this thing progresses, I’m going to end up with more than I expected.  Especially with this site and the brands it incubates.

Greensboro SEO Pro is going to do it’s thing regardless of all else.

Still, this challenge adds a level of “just get it shipped” that I often need.

This is a long term investment.  But I can already see the dividends.

And I’m just investing them back in.