I’ve been writing online for half a decade now.

I’ve been getting websites to page one of Google for almost as long.

For a variety of reasons (read: excuses), I’ve failed to produce content consistently for myself.

I got GreensboroSEOPro.com—along with several of its social media profiles—to dominate the first page of Google with ease.

It took me about two months.

I could do it again in my sleep.

Inexplicably, I haven’t.

That changes now.

This post is to announce 365 days straight of new content.  I am committed to publishing either a new blog post, new web page, content update, or YouTube video everyday for the next year.

I have tons of half-written posts on this site and GSP.com.  I also have several half-finished websites.

It’s time these things see the light.

Greensboro SEO Pro in All Its Glory

Greensboro SEO Pro has needed a redesign since the day after it went live.

I never made time for it.  It got me clients anyway.

Now it’s time to turn it into something big.  The name could set a degree of limitation.  But Google already likes it.  And I feel like we can rank anything.

So we’re going to publish probably 100 separate updates on this site by quarter two, 2019.  Some of them will undoubtedly come out together, like the relaunch we have planned later this week.

But something will come out for Greensboro SEO Pro almost everyday for the next six months.

Much of the content is already complete, halfway there, or at least started.

It’s been a long time coming.

ZachBradshaw.com Becomes a Real Site

I stole the post everyday idea from Seth Godin.

It’s not much of a novel idea.

So maybe it’s better to say that this challenge is inspired by Seth.  Apparently he’s posted everyday for decades.  Yeah, you read that right.  That’s pretty superhuman.  It makes once a day for a year sound much less daunting.

There will be many posts here, mostly similar to yesterday’s, Heroes vs. Role Models.

But I will also build out my favorites, my personal social profiles, and make the site more presentable.

Eventually, I hope for it to be something of a hybrid:

Half brand hub, half personal ramblings.

Work From Home Junkie Finally Live

Working form home is a secondary expertise of mine.

I have a ton of information that can help people find online jobs or build online businesses.  I’ve seen all of the scams.  I can recognize real opportunities to move quickly and “get rich quick.”  There’re actually more of them than you think.

There’s also what I do:

Build a skillset that provides multiple pathways and protects me against recession.

I can use my digital marketing skills to get attention for my own projects.  Or I can use them to get hired to do the same for others.

Now, I want to pass some of those same skills on, and more.

WorkFromHomeJunkie.com is where I plan to start.

Could Be More on the Way

I’m still learning the art of planning months in advance.

My daily, weekly, monthly planning is on point.

I’m still getting better with the big time frames.  I am actually working on another post about my plans for the coming decades.  But it’s all obviously a work in progress.

I have several other brands brewing.  For example, I might as well go ahead and link to Local Wildfire.

Yet how these brands fit together to make a larger plan remains to be seen.

I start to go cross-eyed when I think about it.

There are a ton of moving parts.

But that’s exactly what this 365 day content challenge is all about.

Forego all the thinking and just deliver new content.

It will be what it is going to be.  Trying to predict it almost seems a bit absurd.

This is post 3 out of 365.

I’ll be thinking something different at 100, even more so at 300.

Stay tuned and we get to ride the roller coaster together.


I’ll keep my progress updated here:

Current Status

Longest Streak: 96 Days

Current Streak: 27 Days (restarted March 3rd, 2019)

***Last Update: 3/29/19

Weeks 14, 15, and 16 all had a failed day.

So I made some adjustments

As of week 16, I’ve added these stipulations to the content challenge.

  • Sunday – New Daily Content Challenge Update From ZachBradshaw.com
  • Wednesday – New PagePost, or Video From Greensboro SEO Pro
  • Saturday – New Post From ZachBradshaw.com
  • 1st of the Month – Life Changing Habits Post From ZachBradshaw.com

Daily Content Challenge Log

11/18/18 – 11/24/18 | Daily Content Challenge Week 1 Update

11/25/18 – 12/1/18 | Daily Content Challenge Week 2 Update

12/2/18 – 12/8/18 | Daily Content Challenge Week 3 Update

12/9/18 – 12/15/18 | Daily Content Challenge Week 4 Update

12/16/18 – 12/22/18 | Daily Content Challenge Week 5 Update

12/23/18 – 12/29/18 | Daily Content Challenge Week 6 Update

12/30/18 – 1/5/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 7 Update

1/6/19 – 1/12/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 8 Update

1/13/19 – 1/19/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 9 Update

1/20/19 – 1/26/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 10 Update

1/27/19 – 2/2/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 11 Update

2/3/19 – 2/9/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 12 Update

2/10/19 – 2/16/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 13 Update

2/17/19 – 2/23/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 14 Update 💥

2/24/19 – 3/2/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 15 Update 💥

3/3/19 – 3/9/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 16 Update 💥

3/10/19 – 3/16/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 17 Update

3/17/19 – 3/23/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 18 Update

3/24/19 – 3/30/19 | Daily Content Challenge Week 19 Update