This thing is turning into an unstoppable force.

I cannot imagine stopping this challenge.

I wouldn’t even be mad if I miss a day.

I would simply reset and try for another 365 straight.

But that’s not going to happen.

Almost In Stride

My first quarter content goals for are pretty ambitious.

Same for Greensboro SEO Pro:

And I have even more written down now, a few weeks after I took these photos.

I still have some kinks to work out.  But I’m getting close to hitting my marks on the Habits side.  This will lead to the same on the Goals side.

I had hiccup with my video this week.  Then I came back at it two days later and still couldn’t get it solved.  Still, the Daily Content Challenge remains unbroken.

I found other work to do.  By residual, I’m actually WAY ahead across some of these objectives.

Before long, two posts and a video per week won’t even be a challenge.

Again, I still have a few issues.

Encouraging nonetheless.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 1/20/19 – 1/26/19

Despite the lack of planning for it:

This site keeps coming together.

GSP ain’t doing bad either.

Here’s what I shipped this week.

My Week

Sunday January 13th, 2019

Monday January 12th, 2019

Tuesday January 13th, 2019

Wednesday January 14th, 2019

Thursday January 15th, 2019

Friday January 16th, 2019

Saturday January 17th, 2019

These lists keep getting longer.

The content keeps getting better.

It’s all getting easier.

I’ll probably pull back just a bit over the next three weeks as I set up better syndication systems.

That’s if I can resist the temptation to keep building more.

If you’re sticking with me…

I guess we’ll see.