People I love are pushing back against my habits.

But long-term uptrends are rooted in the fundamentals.

Fundamentally, I need 12, 14, and 16 hours days to maintain my Daily Content Challenge, work for Greensboro SEO Pro, and incubate my side projects.

That’s not ideal for relationships.

Our society has plenty of memes about making time for those we care about.

It’s probably unhealthy because we have too few about caring for oneself.

Compassion over expectations.

Rant over.

Guardian of the Trend

Despite what previous failures may indicate:

Completing a 365-day content creation streak is important to me.

I’m the only bull supporting this uptrend, so to speak.  As such, I have to diligently combat any bearish sentiment in the market.  For a year-long bull market, it’s necessary to do so violently.

I am the guardian of the trend.

This is market manipulation.

I am holding the price up.

I will win.

I will get my 100x gains.

More importantly:

I will have a proven track record of creating long-term Content Marketing bull markets.  Combine that with what I’ve already proven across SEO, Copywriting, and other Digital Marketing disciplines.  Now my armory is looking more like an arsenal.


Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 4/14/19 – 4/20/19

Reviewing the last few weeks worth of updates gets me hype.

This week does too.  Regardless of the paltry length of my current streak, the market gains are undeniable.

My brands are growing exponentially before my eyes.

My skills aren’t far behind.

My Week

Sunday April 7th, 2019

Monday April 8th, 2019

Tuesday April 9th, 2019

Wednesday April 10th, 2019

Thursday April 11th, 2019

Friday April 12th, 2019

Saturday April 13th, 2019



This week was a 🍑.

Next week should be crazy.

I have two main tasks on my to-do list tomorrow.

One of them is “10 videos.”

That bodes well for May, especially considering what’s already scheduled right now.

The content explosion is just getting started.

If you’re watching, it’s about to heat up.