We’re twenty two weeks in.

It’s about time these updates became matter-of-fact.

A streak of 365 days producing content inevitably become a simple daily grind.

So far, my Daily Content Challenge has been a little too eventful.

It seems like things are finally settling down.

Still, I’m only two weeks beyond the Worst Week Yet so it’s too early to celebrate.

Mostly, I’m just glad it has been…

An Uneventful Week

After Pushing Through the Pushback, this week’s easy wins were a nice change up.

This week was pretty the definition of a typical or average week.

I added a few pages to this site.  I published a Bite-Sized Internet Marketing Tutorial on Google My Business User Management.  I also made some changes on Greensboro SEO Pro.  And of course, Gary Vee‘s page got closer to becoming a completed prototype for all my Heroes.

The scheduled content is also continuing to build in quantity and quality.

Q2 is quietly projected to go down like gangbusters.

Content production is becoming a habit.  Soon, it might develop into an addiction.

So far, it’s still a challenge.


I love challenge.


Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 4/14/19 – 4/20/19

The more content I produce for myself, the more I like the results.

The process itself isn’t bad either.

Once I can prioritize more posts like How to Become a Morning Person, it’ll be even better.

Until then, I’ll take an uneventful week.

My Week

Sunday April 14th, 2019

Monday April 15th, 2019

Tuesday April 16th, 2019

Wednesday April 17th, 2019

Thursday April 18th, 2019

Friday April 19th, 2019

Saturday April 20th, 2019

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Maybe now that I’ve looked at all of it together, this week has been a bit better than average.

That’s great.  It fits.

On average:

My content production has increased week-over-week for the last 22.

I’ll take it.  Perhaps I should have made this type of creativity for my own ends a habit sooner.  No telling, as various clients have provided invaluable experience I lean on now.

No regrets.  Just looking forward and taking the next step everyday.

We’ll worry about the payout after a year—or maybe 30.

For now:

Head down.  Hands in the dirt.

Thanks for grinding along with me.