Last week I was so confident.

As I write this I’m fairly disappointed.


On Wednesday though, that feeling was a bit more extreme.

I broke my content streak again.

Not only was I on the verge of a new record, but I also failed to produce new content (for myself) for two days in a row.

That’s the first time this happened.

So for now, it feels like I have a…

Triple Digit Roadblock

I was almost to 100 days for the second time this year.

Now I’m back to 5.

I guess I only have to do that 20 more times to set a new high.

Unfortunately, I have to take it one day at a time though.

It’s easy to get off track with this Daily Content Challenge.  Yet I’ll never let myself get fully derailed until it is done.

I did consider taking a month off to schedule more content.  That would make it easier to make sure that it was done.  After all, the main objective of this challenge is about publishing.  I don’t have to produce everyday.

However, I do want to challenge myself to produce consistently as well.

Plus, putting it off for a month would mean that it would be completed a month later than if I did it now.

I’m already plotting on the next level of this challenge.

So I want to get this one done ASAP.

And even if my streaks break, the expansion of my brands is still going quite well.

It’s vital for me to continue that trend.

This week, I dropped two more videos on my SEO channel.  I also posted another update on my Zach Bradshaw YouTube.  Pretty soon, I might begin to branch out into other topics via video as well. got plenty of solid updates as well, including a more developed design for my latest favorites.  And once again, the background Brands are growing steadily.  I even got an update in on the Greensboro SEO Pro Blog.

Big things poppin’.

As long as I continue to restart this thing, I’m putting myself on a path to blow up.

If I can stop needing to restart it, it’ll only happen a little faster.

But it still feels just as inevitable as last week.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 5/26/19 – 6/1/19

Despite the dropped ball, it wasn’t necessarily a bad week in total.

If Monday and Tuesday hadn’t been missed, I’d probably be bragging again right now.

Favorites, Heroes, and more.

And again, those background changes are still pretty hype.


My Week

Sunday April 21st, 2019

Monday April 22nd, 2019

Streak broken.  No excuse.

Tuesday April 23rd, 2019

Streak broken.  No excuse.

Wednesday April 24th, 2019

Thursday April 25th, 2019

Friday April 26th, 2019

Saturday April 27th, 2019

If only if only there was a link everday.




It wouldn’t be a “challenge” if there was no risk of failure.

So far, I’ve tasted it quite a bit.

Nonetheless, this challenge is serving its purpose.  My content is growing steadily.

In truth, that’s plenty for now.

If you’re reading as I’m writing…

Thanks for riding along with me.