Another pound of ground beef down…

Or maybe just another week of content.

I’ve been consuming so much Krown I’m not sure.

Whatever the case, my content production has been showing a strong correlation with BTC on the weekly and monthly timeframes.

We’ve seen a massive run up for the last several months.

Some of the momentum has slowed.  But overall we’re still looking constructive.

This week showed a continuation of Consolidation, as denoted by a…

Continued Orderly Drop Off

For the time being, I’m focused on the fundamentals.

I’m sure the overall uptrend is going to continue on the higher time periods.

We’re showing solid support levels over a long period of time:

That’s a good foundation for a sustained bullish move.

However, we still need ongoing development in order to the get the sort of parabolic moves you can get with Crypto.  Eventually, I’ll have a Content Marketing capable of producing bull runs of that magnitude.  We might even cause a Hyperwave in our search results.  For now though, we’ll take things as they are.

The full scope of will be huge.  Eventually, my Personal YouTube Channel might be the same way.  Not to mention, I’ve got countless Brands brewing with ideas for new ones bubbling up all the time.

For now:

My SEO company is like my Bitcoin.

  • Proven to pay massive returns over the log period.
  • Solves fundamental problems to my Monetary System.

This Website is like my Ethereum.

  • The “World Computer” of Zach‘s brain or some such.
  • Incubator of potentially more brilliant/useful ideas.
  • Great chance of being worthless in the long term.


It is what is.

And it’s probably good.

I can’t say I’m not excited for when this thing breaks out.  In the meantime, I’m content to simply build a position.  And holy cow is it building.  The things that got done on the backend this week were exciting.  Next week looks all but guaranteed to go down the same way.

A few more weeks of this and the final quarter of 2019 will be shaping up quite nicely.

Plus, The Squad is finally starting to join in on the fun.


Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 7/14/19 – 7/20/19

A trend within the trend:

Money—especially Money Mastery—has been my most organically growing category.  Eventually, SEO and the whole Marketing silo will get it too.  But Playing Markets and anything related to it have been getting a ton of play from me recently.

This is kind of the point of this site:

Make my binge Learning sprees more effective.


Meanwhile, other stipulations of My Daily Content Challenge ensure consistent work on my cash cow brand.

Despite missing some of my current stipulations and struggling to reach a triple digit daily content streak…

I’m SO glad I put myself up to this challenge.


My Week

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Friday June 28th, 2019

Saturday June 29th, 2019

Yes, this would definitely be better with more Footprint Sculpting thrown in.

It’s coming.

For sure, it’s coming.

And one day down the road my content will go to the moon.

Until then, I’m happy to take things one step at a time.

I’m playing Support and Resistance on the long term time frames.

Yeah, there are probably some Scalping plays available on the short term time frames—especially to the down side.

But I promise you this:

You’d be a fool to short this challenge over the long term.

As with any Immature Market, it comes with it’s fits and starts.

It’s not enough to get bearish on though…

For the one driving this market simply has too much heart.