This week was weak.


But my streak is still chugging along.


Things might be in a big of a pullback.

That’s fine.  It’s healthy for markets and it’s healthy for my Daily Content Challenge.

Making creativity a habit is a crucial part of this exercise.

Placing a burden of results on that is not.

So far, my Trusted Systems are providing a needed Safety Net.

I’ll take it. Developing those is another major part of this thing as well.

Testing some moving averages and spending some time going sideways sounds totally reasonable here.

I expect a little more action in this region here before moving higher.

Orderly Drop Off

Dude, I’ve been watching so much Krown it’s ridiculous.

I’ve even started superchatting the homie.

Just like my little Chart Guys “phase,” the market terminology sets the mood for my last couple updates.  I’m becoming much more confident in my Trading after studying the strategies of my fourth different trader over the last year and some change.

I suppose that’s easy when the price of something triples in six months.

I’ve been buying since 3.2K.  Perhaps I haven’t made as much as I “should have.”  But I’ve limited my losses when entries have gone against me.  This is probably much more important.  I’ve held positions better.  I’m developing a sense for when to stay out of trades altogether.  And my Coinbase Pro account balance seems to be indicating that I am becoming a better trader.

Meanwhile, I’m getting my feet wet on the Investing side and really developing my saving habits.

In the other update post I just wrote, I joked about risk management in my content production.

As I write this one, the parallels stand out even more.

It makes sense to expect and plan for productivity and prices to go both directions from time to time.  Basically, build a strategy with contingencies for the ups and downs.  Know what you’re going to do either way.  Then execute based on your predetermined rules.

That sounds like a winning strategy for anything.

Whether a slow week or a fast week, this challenge is helping me bring all of my ideas together so that I can better understand them.

As I still repeat on so many pages on this site, eventually it might even be useful for someone else—perhaps even someones else (Tashy & Tayo willing 🙏).

Sure, consolidation might not be much fun.  But it tests your patience and your discipline.

And of course, it can make for some excellent re-entries for the continuation of trend.

Which brings us to why publishing late updates and slow weeks are okay:

The trend on Zach‘s content has been basically straight up for three quarters in a row.

No bull should ever complain about that.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 7/14/19 – 7/20/19

Nothing earth-shattering.

More just a smattering.

Tripled up on heroes.  Missed out on some Footprint Sculpting days.  Had a really important SEO Citations update and other good things for my marketing consultancy.

Low volume for sure, but defending the bullish control zone valiantly.

We might not get a major resolution on this pattern for a few weeks yet but it looks like it is building a nice base for buying pressure.

I’m certainly a buyer of my content challenge here.

My Week

Sunday July 21st, 2019

Monday June 24th, 2019

Tuesday June 25th, 2019

Wednesday June 26th, 2019

Thursday June 27th, 2019

  • Created Roth IRA Page |
  • Updated Manta Profile | GSP Manta

Friday June 28th, 2019

Saturday June 29th, 2019

Knocked out two quick updates in two quick hours.

It’s amazing I ever have a week where I fail to publish this update on time.

Or maybe it’s not considering this time last year I was struggling through monthly posts.

Now I crush weekly posts with decent consistency and publish new content almost every single day.

My content streak is back up to 15 days.

That sure isn’t anything to brag about.

But 2019 has made it pretty clear:

There is no need to go into panic mode.  You can count on this content challenge to continue for months to come.  One way or another, I will publish new content for my brands everyday for 365 days straight.  Obviously, I have to create a triple-digit streak first.

But maintaining double digits comes before that.

Back there.  Looking to continue forward, the only direction worth going.

If you’re reading this, thanks for your interest in watching the journey.


Until next week (or maybe the one after 😁)