It’s okay though.

I rebuilt over the last month and a half.

I started this post on time but never really took it seriously until everything over there was ready to go.

Now we’re 99% there.  So I’ll knock the rest of this one out today.

November is over halfway gone but this post is still about October.

Here are my others from 2018:

The last few months have been fire.

October was no exception.

1. Sales

Building this skill is one of my top priorities right now.

I never really liked the idea.  I think most of it was just social conditioning against it.  Salesman are slimy and all that.

Now I’m conditioning myself the other.

“Sales is critical to my future.”

“Convincing people to pay my fee is a service to my customers.”

“I should be trying to sell everyday.”

This is how I try to steer my thoughts now.

And of course, I’m still going hard with the training.

Last month I smashed Grant Cardone’s sales and business bootcamp playlists..

He is a phone sales God.  He has also inspired me to add role play to our sales process.  I cannot wait to get Cardone U.

I’m also going to look into more of Bryan Tracy’s material.

This video is so good I watched it twice in a row.  Then I’ve watched it two or three more times since.  This one’s an eye-opener as well.

Mr. Tracy’s influence on Grant is obvious.

I’m grateful for both.

2. Officially a Morning Person

This is the most amazing thing ever.


Sunrise used to mean bedtime.

Now I beat most of them.

It’s usually dark when I wake up.  I don’t use an alarm either.  I frigging love it.  It’s made my work day make a lot more sense.

Before, I worked basically from the time I woke up until I went to sleep, less distractions.  I had some 24 hour work days.  I also had some lost weeks.

In October, I only went to bed after 1:00 AM six times.  I only went to bed after 3:00 AM twice.  This is literally an incredible statline for me.

So far, November is even better.

I’ve been trying to make this switch forever.  I can’t be completely sure what worked—probably a cumulative effect of everything I’ve tried to this point—but I give my daily gratitude and affirmations practice the most credit.

I’ve written a lot of “I wake up and dominate everyday,” and similar in 2018.

After about 1000 times, I think the message finally sunk in.

I used to roll over and go back to sleep a lot.  No longer.

Hopefully never again.

3. The Two Going for the GOAT

There are a many entrepreneurs I admire.

Many of them have awesome missions.  I love guys like Tom and Vishen, who create “humanity plus” companies.  And then there’re guys like Seth Godin, that are kind of in their own realm.

These three and many others like that have a chance to leave real legacies on Earth.

Millenials are a common target.  We absorb so much content via social media.  These “influencers” have the power to affect what we buy and what we think is cool.

My favorite ones challenge us to be better people.  They are often inspirational by accident.

Two stand out to me as clear leaders for our generation—especially for men.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. Grant Cardone

It’s kind of funny because they are two of the most obnoxious.  They are loud and cocky.

But they solve problems and they get more attention than anyone else.

Gary’s birthday is the day before mine.  We think almost exactly alike.  He preaches self awareness and a ton of other stuff I get down with.  He also runs a 500+ person digital marketing agency.  A very high percentage of his content is relevant to my present and future.

Grant is a close number two.  Where I think exposure to Gary is great for people’s mental health, Grant Cardone is great for their bank account.  He could be the best salesman alive.  He puts pressure on you to think realistically about money.  In the end, that’s also great for mental health.

I love these dudes.  I watched a ton of their stuff this month and I killed it.  I’ve been killing November so far too.

They are on an extremely short list of people I would consider working for.  I’d learn a lot and I’d love to help them reach even more people.

Thanks for reading my little love letter haha

4. Business Growth Log

This was a fun month.

I buckled down and hulk smashed.

Of course, it didn’t go exactly as planned…

(Public) October Business Goals

  1. Greensboro SEO Pro – Over-deliver for current clients.  Find new leads and close ongoing ones.  SSDD.
  2. Grow Organic SEO – Launch Grow Organic SEO with Lauren.  Create funnel, ranking campaign, and event.
  3. Get Squad Ranked – Help squad rank, as the list grows to include Dane, Austin, and a few of my sites.
  4. MiterSawReviews.Biz – Publish Bosch miter saw reviews and update.  Plus, optimize WordPress backend.
  5. Personal Brand – Publish any of my random posts.  Get people to read it and get feedback.  Promote?

But I’m more than happy with the results:

(Public) October Business Production

  1. Greensboro SEO Pro – Started website and client-centric systems revamp.  Over-delivered, undoubtedly.
  2. Grow Organic SEO – She threw a great event and didn’t even need my help.  I’m proud of her.
  3. Get Squad Ranked – Increased scope of training project to accommodate further GSP evolution. 
  4. MiterSawReviews.Biz – Bosch reviews updated and site saw nice traffic boost.  Backend much cleaner.
  5. Personal Brand – Still slacking here but really started honing in on real next steps across all websites.

Here’s the plan for November.

(Public) November Business Goals

  1. Greensboro SEO Pro – “Wow” current clients.  LAUNCH new site.  Hubspot.  10X Growth Con for the squad.
  2. Local SEO Training – Nurture squad through rankings process.  Lay foundation for YouTube training channel.
  3. Other Brands Ready – Organize and poke around on WFHJ,,,, and others.
  4. Prepare for 2019 – Look into hiring, office space, and more.  Organize budget, models, and legal. GO TF IN.
  5. Personal Brand – Restart regular social posts.  Organize and optimize network. Finish some pages and posts.

Spoiler alert of next month:

I’m crushing everything.

5. Growth Diary

This month I:

  • rocked some new moticuts but leaned heavily on Les BrownInky Johnson, Art Williams, and Walter Bond.
  • digested almost every piece of content Gary Vee put out on YouTube. Fire keynotes, 4Ds meetings, and some shorts.
  • (again) learned about selling from the true masters Grant Cardone and Bryan Tracy.
  • added to my bag of tricks for WordPress, Divi, and WooCommerce.
  • really started hammering down some of my digital marketing training frameworks.
  • continued One Piece.
  • listened to more Tash Sultana.  Scared my neighbors trying to sing like Zak Abel.
  • wrote the affirmations that might be even better than last month.
  • doubled down on my manifesto idea for my monthly Bullet Journal spreads.

Overall, October has been one of the best months of my life.

Homeschooling my boys might have been more fun and fulfilling.

Yet, this month, I fielded one of the best Zach Bradshaw’s there has ever been.  November’s high score is looking even better.

I cannot wait to see what 2019 holds.

2019 probably won’t see a continuation of this series.

It’s filled its purpose.  From it, I see several series of posts instead.  I think it’s more important that I build out my resource lists and publish other unique posts.

I like blogging about my business, my life, my mental space, and whatever else.

Over the next month and a half, I’ll knock out two more.  But come ’19, you can expect a lot more value from this website.

If you’re reading this now, you’re a real trooper.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Your patience will not go unrewarded.

Until next time. 😁