I never thought something like this would happen to me.

Well, at least not since I’ve grown up.

It would have made more sense when I was a delinquent.

But now I’m basically a hermit.  Pretty much all I do is work.

So who the fnck would want to do a drive-by on my house?!

I mean seriously, I don’t have any enemies.

Shieeeeet, I barely have any friends.


I can’t think of anyone who would want to do me harm—much less put 30 shots in my kitchen while I’m doing the dishes.

Oh well, I’m not going to spend much thought on it (beyond this post, of course).


The Unphased

Perhaps I’m just dead inside.

Because I realized one thing through this little ordeal.

I really just don’t give a fnck.  I’ve got goals to pursue.  Little else really matters to me.

Whether I’m truly “safe” living in this house or not, moving isn’t anywhere in My 2022 Goals.  I’m in a great rhythm with my work and my Productivity is higher than it has been in years.  Distraction simply isn’t in the cards for me right now.

I tried to spend a few days in a hotel, mostly because other people were worried about me.  But I couldn’t maintain the tremendous workflow that has characterized my 2022 so far.  So I came back quickly.  Others suggested I move.  Pretty logical.  However, that would require a greater commitment of time and energy than I am willing to make at the moment.  The situation has already been disruptive enough.

Plus, I love this house.  My second son was born here.  Both of my sons took their first steps here.  90% of my most cherished memories happened in this house.  Call me sentimental but I ain’t leaving.

Generally speaking, I don’t think about it much.  When I do, I usually just chuckle and move on quickly.  It’s a surreal thing that is kinda’ just hard for me to believe.

Sure, I see the holes pretty much every time I enter my kitchen.  (They really did turn my house swiss cheese.)  But it’s not something that really occupies my mind.  Once the insurance claim goes through and damage gets fixed, I’m sure it’ll hardly ever cross my mind.  I sleep just fine; I don’t think I’ve even had a single dream about it.

Mostly, it’s just a cool story as far as I’m concerned.

I recognize that I probably have a few screws loose.  After all, some of the bullets definitely only missed me by inches.  But it didn’t leave me with a single scintilla of trauma.

Even if it had, I could not care less about circumstances.

I’ve got sh!t to do.

Adversity Alchemy

It could be Mental Toughness.

Or it could be lack of sanity.

Whatever the case, I’m treating this like I treat every challenge that comes my way—as another opportunity to get better.

In this case, it mostly just serves as great Motivation.

For one, the incident provides a great impetus to get back to my Early Bedtime routine.  I’m pretty sure my house was targeted as part of a gang initiation.  It happened at about 12:30AM.  I think they chose my house because they saw that I was awake.  I guess that puts an end to my late-night dish-washing sessions.

Unfortunately though, I haven’t yet managed to get my sleep schedule back to where it was before all this happened.

More importantly, this situation has given me a renewed sense of urgency in the pursuit of my biggest aspirations.  I’m generally a very patient person, with the type of mind to form and chase after 30-Year Goals.

However, certain things do have the power to light a fire in me.  This little drive-by thing has done just that.

For example, I thought my Real Estate Investing journey was going to start in earnest the last half of this year.  That is no longer the case.  I’ve had access to a few real estate courses for awhile now.  In the last two weeks, I’ve actually started getting through them.  Again, I’m not that pressed to move.  However, I do value the option to do so more than I did a month ago.

This is pretty much what I always do when bad things happen.  I use them as fuel.  Sometimes, they drive me to make big changes.  Other times, it’s about shifting course.  In this case, I feel compelled to put the pedal to the medal.  I’m already headed in the right direction; I just need to pick up the pace.

I’m really not interested in being dramatic about the situation.

But I don’t pass up opportunities to squeeze out more of my potential.

And my swiss cheese house has provided just that.