I’m fairly confident 2022 is going to be the most successful year of my life so far.

I’m writing this post to help guarantee that.

Obviously, I can’t control the future.  But I can set intentions and create a plan of action.

That’s what Goal Setting is all about.

So here I am, with Zach Bradshaw’s goals for 2022.

But first, let’s take a look back at last year.

2021 Review

2021 was a notable outlier in my Yearly Goal Setting process.

Since 2018, I’ve been setting epic goals for each year.  2021 was the only year out of the last five (including this one) that I failed to do so.

It’s not just about posts like the one I’m writing now.  I didn’t go through my beginning of the year Journaling process at all.

Fatigue from COVID-19 and Politics probably had something to do with it.  2020 was pretty intense.  Admittedly, I let the external world occupy too much of my internal space.

Obviously, that’s really no excuse.

Now, 2021 wasn’t a complete failure.  I actually had some pretty big wins.  But it could have been a much more successful year if I had been more intentional from the jump.  In fact, it wasn’t just my beginning of the year goals that were lacking.  The trend continued throughout 2021, showing up across all time frames.

That’s a real shame because last year was a great year to get ahead.

Nonetheless, I had some notable victories:

  • I made more money than I’ve ever made before.  I’ve been able to say this for the last three years in a row.  But last year’s +50% growth was much more than the 10% or so of the previous two.
  • I also reached a new all-time high in wages paid out.  2021 was also the first year I actually had employees on payroll (as opposed to contractors only).  It felt like quite a significant upgrade.
  • I quit smoking marijuana, which was probably the biggest win of the year.  It’s something I’ve been trying to do for at least five years.  I’ll always remember 2021 for year I finally made it happen.
  • I am now an AMEX Business Gold Card holder.  This has been on my Credit Card wish list since I started playing the Credit Card Game three or four years ago.  Clout points acquired. 😂

All in all, that’s definitely not terrible.

However, I still have massive room for improvement.

Not everything in 2021 was a win:

  • Especially since I quite smoking, my sleep schedule has been chaotic.  In my opinion, it was definitely a worthy trade but I much prefer to be the everyday early bird than the inconsistent night owl.
  • Many of my favorite Habits really suffered.  And my tracking of them was probably the worst since I start Bullet Journaling.  Predictably, my personal Productivity was well below my pre-COVID marks.
  • My Health and Fitness suffered as well.  I’ll never be completely out-of-shape but I’m not where I was a couple years ago.  Most obviously, my flexibility is down.  And I’m sure my cardio is terrible.
  • Perhaps worst of all I now drink more often than I used to, though my drinking game actually has some class to it now. 🥃🥃🥃 I don’t really get drunk, but I’m definitely consuming alcohol too often.

Now, I’ve already started turning most of these issues around since the year started.

But now it’s time to make the best me the status quo.

That’ll make this easily…

The Most Hype Year Ever

2022 is the year I get back to my best.


I’m going to break all my records this year.  My level of going-the-fnck-in is going to reach all-time highs, across all categories.

Indeed, the process has already started.

The first week of 2022 would have been a top 10 week in 2021.  The third week and eighth weeks could have competed for number 1.  And last week (week 10) would definitely have taken the cake.  Of course, that’s not saying much because 2021 was kinda’ sucky.  I’m planning for zero sucky weeks in 2022.

That will result in big wins across many verticals.


I’ve been working for myself for almost a decade now.

But there’s a difference between being self-employed and true Entrepreneurship.

This will be the year I take that step up.  And since I have such an ADD style of working on my projects, it’s going to show up in several different places.

Predominantly though, I can group my business goals into three areas:

All important.  But without a doubt, the first of these is the most foundational.

Greensboro SEO Pro

Building my little marketing company into a legitimate business is my number one priority.

After all, it provides the fuel for everything else I do.

I need it to run without me.  That has been my biggest focus in quarter 1.

I also need it to make more money.

Both will come as products of hitting my smaller objectives.

Six-Figure Marketing Agency

It’s about damn time I had a six-figure income stream.

This will be the year I finally make that happen

Here’s how:

  • Systems – SOP mania.  In quarter one, I’m going to get my systems as tight as possible.  Documenting everything that we do will help us reap bigger rewards across the board.
  • Teamwork – From dabbling with employees to building a company.  Helping people earn a livelihood has been one of the surprise joys of Entrepreneurship for me.  Expansion incoming.
  • Communication – This is one of my biggest weaknesses personally.  First, I need to reach inbox 0 again.  After that, it’s probably time for an executive assistant to take some of the load.

If everything goes according to plan, I will likely need to upgrade from an LLC to a S-corp.

Yeah buddy.  We’re talking about the big leagues now.


Become Known in My Industry

Digital Marketing is how I put food on the table.

It’s also the closest thing I have to a “claim to fame.”  In 2022, I plan to make that more true than ever before.

Here’s how:

  • Tutorials – Time to start marketing for ourselves again.  It begins with reigniting our blog and YouTube channel.  Our SOPs make for great content and help to establish our expertise.
  • Consulting – Built on the back of improved SOPs and tutorials, I’m going to expand our “Marketing Director in a Box” offerings.  I might even create a paid training course or two.
  • GSP Footprint – Once everything is running at near 100%, we’ll expand our marketing efforts to include Social Media, Email, Link Building, and maybe even Online Ads and PR.
  • Networking – As an introvert, it’s always been hard for me to commit to this one.  But it’s about time to change that.  My first conference since my MLM days is probably in the cards.
  • “New” Brands – This one may be the least important.  Yet it’s one of the most exciting.  Local Wildfire and Know It All Copy have been calling screaming my name for a long time now.

There’s an argument to make that much of this should have become an emphasis sooner.

However, I’m not mad at the timing.  In fact, in ways it seems kinda’ perfect.

My Personal Brands

I have a ton of half-started personal brands.

At this point, most of them aren’t past the ideation phase.

But several already have fully-designed sites, content, and social media accounts.

This year, I’m looking to get all my favorite ones fully off the ground.

Playing Markets is at the top of my list.

Then I have Insider’s Guide to Credit, Make Your Brain Better, Truth in Blockchain, My Raggedy Patch, and Work From Home Junkie.  There’s really no telling how many more I may have by the end of the year.  Hell, I might even add a cooking channel to the list.  But these are definitely the highest priority for now.

And of course, the Zach Bradshaw Brand is crucial to tie everything together.

Paid for My Passions

It’s time to monetize my curiosity.

On one hand, my interests are far-ranging.  I like Learning about all sorts of different things.  On the other hand, 90% of my interests revolve around creating a great life.

That’s the main motivator that usually inspires my brands in the first place.

2022 will be the year I actually begin making money from them.

How I’m gonna’ do it:

  • 2022 Content Challenge – I’ve been creating Content Challenges for myself for several years now.  The goal has been new content for 365 days in a row.  This will be the year it gets done.
  • Productivity – First things first.  Building out the Achievement silo on This Site will help me reach the levels of High Performance that my elaborate plans demand.  Plus, it’s great content.
  • Comprehensiveness – Last year, we created hundreds of definition posts.  This year, we’ll transform them into definitive guides across topics like Money, brain health, and more.  Can’t wait.
  • Training – It’s high time I started checking training programs off my list again.  Right now, I have two on Niche Websites that are high on my priority list.  I plan to get them done in quarter 1.
  • Teamwork – Now that I’ve finally loosened up about allowing my team to write for me (and not just my clients), I no longer have to do it all myself.  That should result in a content explosion.
  • YouTube Channels – I’m overflowing with video ideas.  Equipment has been the main thing holding me back from becoming prolific.  But my new camera has just arrived.  Time for “Action!”

Finally, I’ll start to rake in some of that almost mythical Passive Income.

I am absolutely here for it.


Become Known for Entrepreneurship

This one may seem like a little bit more of a pipe dream.

After all, I’m not that successful as an entrepreneur yet.  However, I often help my clients with more than just marketing.  Because our work requires deep insights into their businesses, certain problems (and their solutions) come up again and again.  We also work in various related industries where we can promote collaboration amongst our clients.

Now seems like the right moment to make this a reality.

Here’s how:

  • Leader in Productivity – I’ve spent a lot of time and effort cultivating the ability to get the most out of myself.  It’s been largely successful.  Now, I’m going to begin sharing that with others.
  • Business Credit – Mastering the Credit Card Game offers tremendous benefits to both businesses and business owners but too few know about these advantages.  Time to change that.
  • Commissions & Percentages – Many of our prospects can’t afford our services up front.  In 2022, we’re going to begin footing the bill ourselves, in return for a piece of the pie.  🥧
  • Case Studies – We’ve gotten some exceptional results for our clients over the years but we’ve been lax in showing them off.  In 2022, we’ll end that trend with a serious case study push.

As I build all of this out, it will become easier to reel off new businesses of all kinds.

Working online isn’t the only thing I can do.

The current economic climate presents a great opportunity to expand to more tangible things.

Other Ventures

This is where things get really fun.

As my main hustles start to run without me, that opens up my time to pursue other endeavors.  I don’t necessarily buy into the tropes around having “multiple income streams.”

However, I do know that there are easier ways to make money than running an digital marketing company.  And I’ve already identified which two I’d like to go after next.  They are both much simpler to manage than what I currently do on a day-to-day basis.

The world of Internet market is constantly evolving.  For the most port, these industries are not.

Real Estate

They say Real Estate Investing produces more millionaires than any other vocation.

I’m anxious to put that to the test.

No telling where I’ll end up…

But this is where I plan to start:

  • Slow Flips – I’ve only heard about this strategy in the last few months.  But as soon as I did, I knew it would work great for me.  Based on what I know, it seems like a great way to build net worth.
  • Wholesaling – To be honest, I can’t believe I didn’t start this a long time ago.  I’ve heard about Wholesaling Real Estate for a long time but never really looked into it.  Silly.  It fits my skillset perfectly.
  • Airbnb – It feels like a good time to get in on the “sharing economy.”  I already know a lot about online marketplaces.  And I could easily manage Airbnb for homes I own (or ones that others do).

Over the next half decade, this is where I expect to build the most wealth.

However, I’m shooting for greatest sources of cashflow.

Home Services

I can get customers for just about any type of local business.

So for the last few years, I’ve been researching a variety of different types of home services businesses.

Generally, they all sound easier to run than my agency.  They also sound easier to scale to seven figures.

Moreover, they’ll be able to fit hand-in-glove with my budding real estate empire.

How I’m gonna’ do it:

  • First True Partnership – Beginning in quarter 2, one of my clients and I are going to enter into a partnership.  Together, we should be able to take over several industries in Greensboro.
  • Cleaning First – I’ve been looking at starting a cleaning company for several years now.  Out of all the different models I’ve researched, this one seems like the easiest to start and maintain.
  • Moving, Landscaping, Junk Removal – Once we’ve got the cleaning business going, we’ll be looking to branch out into other areas that can work synergistically with it—as well as real estate.

Though these ventures will rely on my marketing company for leads, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they become more profitable by the end of 2022.

If all goes according to plan, this will be the year I become a “serial entrepreneur.”

Done right, this could result in an even bigger financial jump than last year.


I’m beginning to realize my economic potential.

2021 was the year I broke the “above average” income mark for a male in the United States.  In fact, I went from just below the line to almost doubling it.

In 2022, I’m looking to triple or quadruple it.  But that’s not all.  It’s about time to got ALL of my financial ducks in a row.

Put explicitly:

  • Break $100K Yearly – I thought I’d be able to do this one over five years ago.  But I had A LOT to learn before I was ready for it.  Now it almost seems inevitable, if not this year then certainly next.
  • Break $25K Networth – Technically, I could already be at this level.  After all, I might be able to sell my marketing company for a six-figure payday.  But to me, it won’t count until I have it in the bank.
  • Own 1 Bitcoin – If I complete this one, I’ll probably hit the one above.  It all depends on how the US dollar price of BTC does over the year.  Regardless, I consider it a completely separate goal.
  • Roth IRA – This is something I should have got going years ago.  Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking on some of the technical aspects of Investing.  Consistent maximum contributions here I come.
  • 800 Credit Score – This one seems fairly inevitable.  I’m only about 20 points away as things stand now.  Still, I’m not the type to count my chickens before they hatch.  Incubation game strong ‘doh.

Maybe I should have already done it, but I’d like to “get rich” before I hit 40.

Hitting these marks would set me up for that brilliantly.

In order to make it happen though, I know I’ve got to control my…

Mental State

To a large degree, what goes on in your head determines what goes on in your life.

That’s even more true when you are your own boss.  Willpower, Discipline, and Focus become vital when you don’t have anyone telling you what to do.

I know this is especially true for me.  I used to be easily distracted.  Now, I guard my mental resources like a junkyard dog.

For me, it’s not so much about mental health as it is about reaching and maintaining Peak State.  So much of what I do depends on my ability to carve our time and space for Deep Work.  Last year, I struggled with it for months at a time.  I’m already doing a much better job since the new year began.  But my ultimate intention is do better than I ever have before.

Here’s how:

  • Morning Routine on 100K – My Morning Routine is the greatest predictor of my daily Productivity.  So far, I’ve maintained an excellent rhythm the last two months and I plan to keep it up all year.
  • Affirmations AF –  I took almost a whole year off from my morning Affirmations practice, one of my greatest Self Brainwashing tools.  My year suffered for it.  I will not make that mistake again.
  • Beat the Sun 200 Times – I feel so much better when I am up before the sun rises.  Eventually, I’ll join the 5AM club.  One of the main keys is how I close my day.  8 o’clock bedtime, here I come.
  • Nightly Reviews – Going to bed—especially the right way—has always been hard for me.  I became a morning person a few years ago.  All that’s left is to master the art of taking my a$$ to bed.
  • Meditation Exploration – I’m a big fan of Vishen Lakhiani’s “6 phase meditation.”  I’m looking to make it an everyday thing.  But I also want to restart experimentation with other meditations again.
  • No More Porn – As soon as I learned about the harmful effects of porn I cut back.  Now though, I want to eliminate my consumption of it completely.  My beautiful brain can’t afford any shrinkage.
  • Digital Declutter – I tend to open too many tabs.  My newest computer can handle it.  My mind cannot.  I’ve begun to fix it but there is more work to do.  As mentioned, I’ll get back to “inbox” 0 too.

Two and a half months in to 2022, I’m doing exceptionally well on these objectives.

Every single one of them is trending in the right direction.

As expected, that improved mental fitness is having an impact on the rest of my body.

Health & Fitness

When 2020 started, I was dominating my Health and Fitness goals.

Six months in, I had fallen alllllllll the way off the wagon.

I could blame the lockdowns.  Instead, I blame myself.  There’s really no good excuse for breaking my rhythm of healthy habits.  But as 2020 progressed, I found myself roped in by cultural and political drama.  More than anything else, I started staying up too late consuming news and commentary.  It was all downhill from there.

It’s taken me almost a year and a half to bounce back.  And I’m still not quite back to my pre-COVID best.

However, I’m on track to surpass those levels.  The true goal is to make it back to my football days, then go beyond them.

To that end, here’s my plan for 2022:

  • Athletic Competition – Competition has been missing from my life for nearly a decade now.  I’ve been considering joining a soccer team or MMA gym for years.  Now’s the time to pull the trigger.
  • Eat 150 Salads – A couple years ago, I had a really strong salad-eating habit.  Then, my favorite salad shop closed down and my habit faltered.  From here on out, there will be no more excuses.
  • 50 Half-Day, 4 Full-Day, & 1 Multi-Day Fast – I began intermittent fasting a few years ago while reading The 4-Hour Body.  I’ve done so fairly consistently ever since but I’m shooting for new records.
  • Serious Supplementation – I eat a cleaner Diet than most people.  Still, I know that I know there are gaps in my Nutrition.  In order to fix that, I’m going to add a supplementation habit to my repertoire.
  • Morning Movement – If I don’t work out in the morning, I tend not to.  And missing that workout time usually ends up trickling down into the rest of my routine.  In 2022, I’m making no compromises.
  • No More Tobacco – In 2021, I used tobacco as a substitute to break my marijuana addiction.  It worked.  It left me with a worse habit but one that will be easier to break (because tobacco is nasty).
  • Six Pack Back – I’ve had a true “six pack” only twice in my life.  Even when I was playing football, I wasn’t all that cut up.  By this summer, I’ll have a new six pack.  And I’ll never let go of it again.
  • Dental & Hair – For most of my life, I’ve paid little attention to my appearance.  Yet, my vanity has increased with age.  This year, I’m going to reverse the trends in my mouth and on top of my head.

Some of these are vanity goals.  Some of them are habits I need to bring back in full force.

All of them are an important part of living the healthy, prosperous life I desire.

Now, it just comes down to making them permanent.

Just How Hype?

Only time will tell just how hype 2022 will be for me.

I’ve got a little over nine more months before the verdict comes out.  But in the back of my mind, I can’t help but feel that 90% of these goals are inevitable.

My discipline and Productivity are approaching all time highs and I’ve been extremely enthusiastic when I wake up in the morning.  My Habit Tracking has been relentless and I’m getting some of the best weekly scores I’ve ever had.  Like I said earlier, the week I finished writing this post is one of my best of all time.  🏆

I have extremely ambitious goals.  But I know that the things I do everyday are the most important.

So that’s where I focus my energy, making incremental progress everyday.

I’ve been doing a great job of that so far in 2022.

This post might be dropping behind schedule, but everything else seems to be right on track.  Last year, I was able to get several months ahead on my client work until I lost a key employee.  I should be back to that point in the next month or two, which opens up all sorts of opportunities for my other projects.  If you’ve made it this far in this post, you can see why that excites me so much.


Come back next year and to hear how well I did.