This week started as one of the season’s toughest.

Last week was a heart breaker.

And it bled into our performance this week.

Paltry production to say the least.

It wasn’t for want of trying.  It was more like want of a sane mind.


First Quarter of the Eighth Game

Last week’s gut-wrenching overtime loss mirrored real life.

In just a few short days it went from looking like a turnaround to utter defeat.

Somehow, I forgot the song I used to sing my sons to sleep with.  And it threw my brain into a frenzy that felt something like a panic attack.  I’m not quite sure what a panic attack feels like.  But I was basically going crazy.  My mind would obsess of remembering it but spit out other songs instead.

All along, I knew I would eventually remember.  Duh.

The song is etched in my heart, not only my mind.


I remembered a few days later.

Of course.

But for some reason my brain started stressing about remembering other dumb little things I don’t care about.  Sometimes, it wasn’t even about remembering.  It would be about knowing an answer or documentation.

It kind of just wore off.  But it prevented me from sleeping well over the weekend.  That crushed the beginning of the week.

My marketing team was busy with clients.

And once I had recovered, my 2020 Content Challenge was among the last things on my mind.

It’s been quite the ordeal getting back on track.  Since Week 21, when our “star player”—a triple-digit content streak—went down, we’ve struggled to win.

After an undefeated start, our season looks to be in jeopardy.

This week’s horrible performance highlights the same problem we’ve been struggling with for weeks:

It all relies on me.

Right now, I have massive plans for my own content.  Yet my best work always takes time to create.

I find it hard to carve out the space to produce for My Brands.

I have a few massive things on my heart.

They would help the world.  At least, I think so.

Most of my time ends up spent working on Greensboro SEO Pro.  Meanwhile, the world spirals out of control.


Such is the world we live in.  But we aren’t throwing in the towel yet.

Even though this update is coming late (August 13th), we still have plenty of fight left in us.

So let’s see if we can manage an epic comeback.

Zach Bradshaw Publishing 8/02/20 – 8/08/20

We barely got anything done this week.

And yet, the few things we did get done offer decent hope.  Next steps taken with Credit Cards after last week’s completion.  Plus, some strong things behind the scenes in my marketing company.  Our Citations Optimization Services may soon be supported by a full catalog of SEO Training material.

It’s been a long time coming.  And finally, it looks like I might not have to do it all myself.


So even though this one looks horrible, there is hope in what slim pickings are there.

Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday August 2nd

Monday August 3rd

  • No Content.  Streak Broken.

Tuesday August 4th

  • No Content.  No Streak

Wednesday August 5th

  • No Content.  No Streak

Thursday August 6th

Friday August 7th

Saturday August 8th

  • No Content.  Streak Broken.

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 74 days (begun May 27, 2020).

My longest streak so far was 157 days earlier in my 2020 Content Challenge, broken in Week 21.

I don’t have anything scheduled to extend it.

So how close are we to winning August?

The game just started and we’re already losing something like 17-3.

Not the start we were looking for at all.  But it could have been worse, considering.

The game’s not out of reach yet.  Plus, a little (more) adversity never hurt anyone (in the long run).