(5/31/2020 Update: Original Name: Barn Burner)

This week, we realized what this game is:

A true barn burner.

Like I touched on last week, my to-do is currently in infinite expansion mode.

I’m knocking stuff out relentlessly only to look up and see the goal posts have moved again.

It’s cool, we’re keeping up.

But clearly, there is no defense allowed.

Perhaps more significantly:

At the end of this third quarter, we took a big injury.

Third Quarter of the Fifth Game

My content production streak was lost for the season.

It was my all-time best.  147 straight days of new or updated content.

My first ever triple digit streak.  Just shy of 150.  A month off of half a year.

It seemed like 365 was inevitable.

But this is a great reminder to focus on the details.

Maybe there has been a little too much “going through the motions” lately.  It’s easy to do when your momentum is riding high.  And now it looks like we took a loss for our complacency.

Here I was thinking I might be at the beginning of a 10-year content streak.  Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Clearly, I wasn’t quite ready.

This is a good reminder that I need to get better.

Here, my downfall was a single broken sleep cycle.  A bit of an all nighter Wednesday lead to a largely lost day on Thursday.  Sure, I should have already had content scheduled for the Greensboro SEO Pro Blog or YouTube Channel.

But I didn’t.

And I haven’t for most of this streak.

It didn’t matter because I was able to put up all kinds of points.

Now it appears that that was the problem.  Offense crushing it, defense nowhere to be found.

We were destined to run out of eventually.

Still, my 2020 Content Challenge marches on and we’re still in this game.

In fact, this might just bring our team closer together.

Zach Bradshaw Publishing 5/17/20 – 5/23/20

I’ve never had some many pans in the fire.

And man, it’s really got me burning hot.

I’m able to sit down and have these massive sessions jamming out on work across 5-10 different brands at once… a few of them my clients, but mostly my own.  And more and more, I’m forming my team into a marketing machine.

Another month or two at this pace and I’ll be able to unleash some true greatness.

For example, my first Online Business Model highlight got completed this week.


First comes Freelancing, next comes Trading.

Meanwhile, I still have several potential aces brewing elsewhere as well.

I’m even considering making a more hands on run at Money Mastery by jumping on Patrick Bet-David‘s main vehicle.

But that’s a story for another day.


Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday May 17th

Monday May 18th

Tuesday May 19th

Wednesday May 20th

Thursday May 21st

  • No Content.  Streak Broken.

Friday May 22nd

Saturday May 23rd

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 2 days (begun Friday, May 22nd 2020).

Based on scheduling, I’m set to extend that for 2 more.

My longest streak so far was 147 days during my 2019 Daily Content Challenge.

So how close are we to winning May?

Well we’re neck-and-neck in a high scoring game.  It’s something like 38-35.

Down a little maybe, just because we lost a key player.  Yet, we have the ball.

Heading into the fourth quarter, it’s the defense that we need to step up.