This time I’m going all in.

At least this time I know I’m going to get the job done.

And yet, it may actually happen with less effort.


Less floundering; more results.

My last two Content Challenges required a lot more “figuring it out.”  For this one, it’s mostly figured out.

Now all that’s left is to set it up and let it run.

The Challenge to End All Challenges

The last two were started on whims.

This one has been brewing.  It has planning and preparation where the others only had passion.  Willpower and problem solving got me the results before.  But it is Habits and Rituals that will get me over the hump.

Many of those habits and rituals are already codified in the SEO training of my online marketing company.

Sure, there is still some willpower and problem solving involved here.  But they’ve been crystallized into formulas others can follow.

Now, I’m going to get major gains.

By the end of September 2019, I had three new pages per week scheduled on  This time around, I expect I’ll be able to say something similar by July.  Greensboro SEO Pro won’t be far behind.  At this point, I don’t have any predictions for my copywriting company, work from home site, or any of my other brands.  But don’t count them out.

It could be that from here on, there may never be another day where Zach Bradshaw isn’t snatching another small piece of the Internet for his pie.

Hmmm.  I like the sound of that.

First things first though.

If you’ve been here before, you probably know I like to break life down into quarters.


For my 2020 Content Challenge though, I’ll lock in my gameplan one quarter at a time.  I’m not going to fall into the same traps as my original 365 Day Content Challenge or my Monthly Personal Growth Updates.  This time, I’ll review and adjust as the game continues instead of putting myself up to some ill-conceived parameters with no end in sight.


I’ll also start focusing a bit more on what gets published; the when has become inevitable.

It’s got me SO pumped for January 2020.


Quarter 1

This quarter I’ve got one major focus:

Get six months of posts scheduled on the GSP marketing blog.

We have a ton of systems to turn into walkthrough posts.

Some will be long.  Others will be short.  Some will be simple how to’s.  Others will be in-depth and theoretical.  Some will be for humans.  Others will be for algorithms.

Almost all of them will contribute to our DIY SEO library.

This means massive gains for internal training and client consulting.


Can’t wait.

The only sub-focus:

SEO and Money Mastery.

Big topics in my life.

Plus, there is a master plan.



SEO supports

That’s kind of obvious.


I’m getting into the Credit Card game.  And I’ve been growing my Trading and Investing skills up for a few years now.  It’s likely that I’ll have a few brands break off from these topics eventually.

For this quarter though, it’s simply about getting the structure built out so I can build expertise.

By the end of this quarter, I may have 100+ new Favorites scheduled.  I’ll also be pushing out some other posts over the course of January and February.  Come March, I might be ready to start putting real content on my shell pages.

I’m rubbing my hands together for all of this.

Here’s how it looks in my Bullet Journal:

This is a first time layout but it seems perfect for the task.  It could probably use a tweak or two but I can worry about that a year from now.  As for Q2, I’ll worry about that in March.  Everything beyond the first quarter is tentative at this point.

I’ll use this for my monthly and weekly planning.

And because this is something like an SEO hub post (😉), I’ll keep my progress updated below.

Weekly Reviews

Quarter 2

Weekly Review

Quarter 3

Weekly Review

Quarter 4

Weekly Review


(Updated March 14th, 2022)

Looking back, 2020’s challenge was highly successful.

It definitely started off stronger than it finished.  But taken as a whole, I really did get a lot done.  The work I put in in 2020 set the stage for what I was able to do during my 2021 Content Challenge.

It was a great next step in becoming a truly prolific content creator.

Through quarter 1, I was really on a roll.  That continued until about the middle of quarter 2, when streak of consecutive days shattered completely.  I had a hard time picking it back up from there.  But before dropping the ball, I amassed a streak of 157 days of new content in a row.  🤩  That’s a feat I haven’t gotten close to repeating until my 2022 Content Challenge (the one I’m working through as I write this update).

The second half of the year was a little rocky.  I didn’t get a single week of continuous content for all of quarter 3.  Some weeks, the only thing that really got done was the update post.  And many of those are basically blank but for the weekly review.  😩  That’s the main reason I simplified everything for 2021.  The football-themed updates were cute.  😅😂🙄  However, they were way too much to commit to on Sunday.  The same patterned continued in quarter 4, though I did manage to do a better job over the course of most weeks.  I also published a few of my Red Pilled posts, which are some of the best posts I’ve published on This Site.

If we stick with football analogy, it was definitely a losing season.  No playoffs.  A bunch of unhappy fans.  And the coach got fired.  👎👎👎  It was a strong start but it eventually fizzled out.  Eventually, I may bring the themed updates back.  For now though, I realize they simply get in the way too much.

Overall, there was probably a little too much dabbling, even some of that dabbling did have value.

In the end, my 2020 challenge helped me refine the process while setting a high bar with a 5-month content streak.

Not a total success.  Not a complete failure.  Just a good, solid stepping stone that helped me get a little bit closer to becoming championship worthy.