This week we finished the game strong.

February was truly one of those character-building games.

Overall, it was a tough, come-from-behind grinder.

We had a really strong second half.

And we definitely needed it after that first quarter.

But we showed the heart of champions.

Looking back, this will probably serve as a milestone.

Fourth Quarter of the Second Game

My goals for Greensboro SEO Pro this month were huge.

I’m setting the stage for May, when I plan to really ramp up the sales side of my business.  This month was more about setting the stage for that, at multiple levels.  I pushed out sub services pages almost every week this month.  Plus, my roadmap system has evolved substantially.

What’s written in my gameplan above doesn’t even cover it all.


Building up my Greensboro marketing company is one of the most important things for my 2020 Content Challenge.  I love messing with and my other Brands.  But elaborating on What We Do delivers a faster, more direct ROI.

I’ve also started taking a crack at some of my new proposal options for what’s coming May.

All that while breaking 60 days on my content streak.

Reaching triple digits seems all but inevitable now, especially considering how many extra sub-services I still have left in the pot.


Meanwhile, search rankings are currently growing exponentially like coronavirus.

Too soon?


Zach Bradshaw Publishing 2/23/20 – 2/29/20

It really is a beautiful thing:

3.5 days of content every week are essentially done for me.

At least, I never have to complete content every day of the week.  Sometimes, I’m still responsible for new Heroes and Favorites.  Most of them are still in development, after all.  But most of the new pages on This Site are systematized and complete by My Team.

The half day comes from this post.  I already have weekly update posts scheduled through all of 2020.

All that leaves more time to do more important things, like dominating my 2020 Goals.

In the fourth quarter of February, we showed up strong.

Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday February 23rd

Monday February 24th

Tuesday February 25th

Wednesday February 26th

Thursday February 27th

Friday February 28th

Saturday February 29th

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 66 days (begun December 26th, 2019).

My longest streak so far was 96 days during my 2019 Daily Content Challenge.

Based on scheduling, I’m already set to extend that for 2 more.

So how close did we come to losing February?

Well, if we hadn’t started the comeback in the second quarter, we might have fallen short.

It’s another one that came Down to the Wire.  Glad to have the win.  But not taking it for granted.

I’ll let February serve as a reminder to be ready from the first play.