Week 9.


In about two months, I’ve doubled or tripled the amount of content online with my name on it.

GreensboroSEOPro.com has grown by about 20%.

Its digital footprint has increased by much more than that.

And ZachBradshaw.com has expanded by orders of magnitude.

It really is going down in 2019.

I finally learned:

I don’t need to do anything fancy.

Just Ship, Ramble or No

The quality of my content has a long way to go.

That’s across the board.

I’m still not producing the quality of content for myself that I do for my clients.  We usually make a concerted effort to create the best content online.  But I can’t quite afford to spend that time and resources on my own stuff yet.

For now, it’s most important that I just get content published everyday.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

As this week’s title suggests, my Daily Content Challenge is largely about throwing my name into various conversations.

I find that I’m learning a lot about content production systems though.

This bodes well for everything.

It’s kind of crazy but I already feel as though January has been a success.

That is largely due to these posts.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 1/13/19 – 1/19/19

I decided to improve my formatting this week.

Now these weekly records will be more detailed—and more powerful for SEO.

Take a look.

My Week

Sunday January 13th, 2019

Monday January 12th, 2019

Tuesday January 13th, 2019

Wednesday January 14th, 2019

Thursday January 15th, 2019

Friday January 16th, 2019

Saturday January 17th, 2019

Saturday should have been much stronger.

Unfortunately, I got caught up with Chelsea, the Tar Heels, and the UFC.

Booooooo 👎



My plate is so clean, I can’t help but to make it up this week.

Watch me work.