Lot’s of resistance to break through this week.

But it was indeed broken through.

I got a little help I think, but I’m not mad about it.

Couldn’t be pulling back with BTC blowing back up.


This one’s for you, my spirit guides.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Angels Save the Trend

Maybe I just got lucky.

That belief system isn’t all that useful though.

So I choose to feel like something in the Universe was looking out.

Glad it was too.  It would have really sucked to put a needle in this momentum.

The story:

I went to sleep at about 7:00 PM on Tuesday.  I somehow forgot to double check my content challenge before doing so.

By some miraculous twist of fate though, I got the scheduling for my second SEO metadata video wrong.  It should have come out on Wednesday.  But it got posted late Tuesday night.  Looked a little weird as it got shared automatically on social media, but no harm done.

Fortunately, failure stayed its ruthless hand.

Thus, Zach’s Daily Content Challenge marches upward.  The bull trend isn’t quite as irrational as that of Bitcoin, but the pullback on my self expression hasn’t come either.  And the underlying fundamentals continue to get even more lovely.

Two new marketing training videos, continued expansion across Zach Bradshaw’s site, and an impromptu batch of videos on my own youtube channel.

Unexpectedly badass.

I’ll take it.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 4/14/19 – 4/20/19

Looking back down the road, I bet this will seem like an important week.

My Heroes and Favorites both continued their steady expansions.  I’ve started both a Zach Learns Investing and Zach Learns Trading series.  And my metadata videos were some of my best and probably most important for GSP to date.

From here, it looks like the content train starts to roll downhill.

If only, I can get my mic issues solved!


My Week

Sunday April 21st, 2019

Monday April 22nd, 2019

Tuesday April 23rd, 2019

Wednesday April 24th, 2019

Thursday April 25th, 2019

Friday April 26th, 2019

Saturday April 27th, 2019

Tuesday wasn’t pretty.

But it was naught but a small hiccup.

I’m back over a month for my content streak.

And there doesn’t look to be any

The real question is:

Where do BTC and the S&P go next?

This challenge is solid.  It’s backed by solid fundamentals.

The fundamentals of Modern Money and Cryptocurrencies on the other hand, seem equally shaky.

Both are billed as means to hold and transfer value.

And yet, I’ve always questioned:

What are the ethics of an agreed-upon placeholder that could never adequately measure the priceless bits of human life?

(See: Unconditional Love)

We’ll that’s a question perhaps for its very own content challenge.