2024 Content Challenge Week 18:


Ooooooh that was close!


My Saturday and Sunday almost let me down.


Luckily, I gutted both of them out in the dying embers to keep my content streak alive!

And that puts me past the 50-day and 7-week milestones (technically the 55-day as well since this post is a day late).

That means I’m less than a week away from exceeding 2023’s longest run.

Thanks to unused ammo, it’s all but guaranteed now.

What Got Done?

Well, this is getting repetitive.

That’s a good thing.  I’m 1% through the largest content project I’ve ever done.  It’s going to be this way for awhile.  This week it was Candlestick PatternsPlaying Markets is starting to look like a legitimate website, with new content every weekday for the last several weeks.  The trend is going to continue for the next several months.  Let’s call it a secular bull market for Zach’s content.


Yeah, other Brands may be calling my name.  But I ain’t listening.


Last Week Was the Week That…

Chelsea stomped Tottenham at the Bridge to end their top 4 hopes and cling on to our European ones.


The inverted Cucurella thing looks pretty good.

Elsewhere, RJ Davis’s return became official.


I guess I also tried to dabble in some NBA and NHL stuff last week.  But I just can’t be bothered.  And that’s just about perfect.

Aside from that, I guess it was also the week Kendrick Lamar and Drake dropped a bunch of disses at each other.  Again, I couldn’t really be bothered.  Just something else to help me frame the memories in my head.

Aside from my streak, the most important thing that happened in my life last week was finding this:

Banger.  Absolute Banger.  Five-Star BANGER.


I’m still singing it as I finish this post.

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Content Streak

(Because this post is a day late) After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 55 days (begun Week 10) and it is the longest streak of my 2024 Content Challenge so far.

In 2023, my longest streak was 62 days, from Week 8 to Week 16.  My longest streak ever was during my 2022 Content Challenge, snapped at 217 days in a row in Week 24.  My best during 2021’s Content Challenge was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  And my best in 2020 was 157 days in a row, which ended in Week 21.

The march toward a full 365 continues.  📈