The world outside is talking about Recession.

Meanwhile, the Daily Content Challenge marches on.

I’ve always kept a cool head when sh!t hit the fan.

I love Affirmations along the lines of:

“I’m built for adversity.  I thrive through the tough times.”

They ring true for me.  It’s important that they continue to in the future.

Moreover, I want to embody their spirit further.

A Considered Conversion

This week might just be the week that I became a Conservative.

There is Blood in the Streets and the cold chills won’t stop.


I’ve never had so many goosebumps as I have the last week.  It’s coupled with a fair bit of rage against the world.  I’ve actually never felt like this before.  While it is slightly reminiscent of Zach Bradshaw 2012—the one who thought “the world was about to end”—it’s also quite new.

Now, I have a level of responsibility I didn’t have before.  This puts the apathy I used to have out-of-the-question.  Instead, it jumps immediately to anger.  Good thing I’ve been practicing channeling anger into positive action for the last year or so to great affect.

Here, I apply the principle again…

For I have a thing I must do.

It’s something like:

Play my part in bringing about the world my children deserve.

Nothing is more important to me.

To that end, I’ve kept my head down the last few years.  I’ve poured myself into my work.  I’ve spent countless hours building both my skills and my character.  And as you can see, I’m learning as much as I can about things like Money, Entrepreneurship, and Human Society.

It’s that last one that made the dent this week.

As I build my marketing firm I fall in love with Capitalism.  Perhaps more importantly, as I learn more about Modern Human History everything else seems to suck.

However, that’s another convo for another post.

As far as the Daily Content Challenge is concerned, everything is steady.

Perhaps not quite up to specs on social media, but chugging right along with everything else.

Now, there are still plenty of issues.  But more of them get sorted by the day.

I’m on a collision course with another Content Marketing bull market.  Yet I’m in no rush.

Just like in Trading, it’s important to know when and where to be patience when building a business.

I’m all for going 100 mph like Tom Bilyeu says.  It’s just that sometimes life is like sprinting a marathon.

Challenge accepted, just like this one.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 8/11/19 – 8/17/19

I already have Heroes and Favorites scheduled through September.

That might be October by the end of the week.

It wasn’t necessarily the best week for anything else.

Still, back up to 25 days.  The content streak will be back to a month as long as this week doesn’t see some sort of epic collapse.

By the time my consecutive content count climbs to 50, production might just be semi-automatic.

Got a ways to go yet but it feels like we’re getting awfully close.

My Week

Sunday July 21st, 2019

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Thursday June 27th, 2019

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Friday June 28th, 2019

Saturday June 29th, 2019

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Not quite what I wanted but no real complaints.

Important things got done, for My Brands and elsewhere.

Priorities are important.  As more people begin to depend on me, I must rise across the board.

For now, this challenge is back to making conservative progress.

So am I as a man.

I’m fighting mad about some of the things I’ve learned this week.

But I can’t help but think that it could just be my Hero’s Journey calling to me.

I’m hungry for it.  Tashy and Atayo deserve a heroic Father.

I swear to give it to them.

I accept all burdens willing and climb the mountain anyway.

I can.  I will.  I must.  UNTIL.

The same mantra works for this challenge.  Makes sense: one is simply a baby step unto another.

Walking, running, sprinting the path…

They all take time.  The last 39 weeks of content are but a small testament to the time I am willing to put in.

If there is actually anyone reading this post after all this time, they see it first hand.

Too bad for you guys that person doesn’t exist.

It means the world still hasn’t seen me coming.