Apologies on the investing theme.

It’s a major theme in my life right now.

It’s also relevant here.

This daily content challenge is largely a mandatory investment in my future.

I’m making deposits into my online portfolio every single day for the next 330 or so.

For me, that’s quite a sustained bull market.

And we’re still holding support, but this week, there was a definitive…

Pull Back on the Uptrend

I still have not missed a day on my daily content challenge.

I don’t think I will.

Yet, we definitely had our first “higher low.”  It’s alright.  Healthy market consolidation.  And again, our daily uptrend is still in tact.

But this week wasn’t much better than the week before.  It is unclear how long this slowdown will last.  One thing is sure.  I will make the best decision to continue the long-term uptrend.  I’m not cashing out in this market.  I’m going all in.

I will continue to ramp up my content production over the course of 2019.

For now though, I’m happy with a consistent bull market.

After all, we’re already at an all-time market high—and only climbing.

Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 12/16/18 – 12/22/18

This week, I got lot’s of behind-the-scenes stuff done.

There were lot’s of technical details to work out on the backend of.  Some of that was due to WordPress 5.0, PHP 7.2, and other web dev changes.  Other parts were simply standard setup.

Yet, we still made solid content contributions.

My Week

One reason I refer to this as a pullback or slowdown is because I realized Know It All Copy isn’t actually live!

I still have a maintenance mode plugin up.  That’s not the point of the daily content challenge.  The mandate is live content.  I’ve created plenty of content that isn’t live yet.  It doesn’t get it’s credit until it’s published.

Honest mistake.  I forgive myself.  But that is no longer allowed.

Inspired by this, I’m considering a case study for Know It All Copy within the next few weeks.

We’ll see.

As far as the overall content trend:

Now that we’ve held support, don’t be surprised if we have a short holiday market breakout.


It made be followed by another slowdown.


We’ll see.

Until next time…

Thanks for reading!


If half of my ramblings here made no sense to you, don’t worry.

My investing, economics, and trading pages will get some major work in early 2019.

Much of the lingo came directly from the way TheChartGuys describe markets.