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The Gold Card is one of the top cards on my list.  It isn’t in my wallet yet but it will be eventually.  I’m still planning out my credit card journey but I know this one will be apart of it.  For now, it is simply the AMEX Card I choose to review first.


What Is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a repeated … done right, it’s a system that sets you up for great days… one of the most important habits of high performers and is good for your mental health

The American Express Gold Card is one of the most iconic credit cards on the market today.  Credit newbies can only consider it with awe.  Credit pros know it as one of the best rewards cards for everyday spending.  If you’re looking to play the game, it offers great value.

Why Morning Routines?

For the time being, this site is mostly just a data dump.  Over time, it may become more useful to the outside observer.  Who knows?

I don’t claim to be an expert on anyone I write about.

Hell, I hardly claim to be an expert on myself.

These profiles are largely for me.  I use them to record and reference.  In the future, I may make them more meaningful to the outside observer.

No guarantees.  Let’s start small.

Keystone Habit

Most people know Gary as “that social media guy.”  Makes sense.  He’s one of—if not the—best at it on the planet.

Proactive Position

Many of my heroes talk about company culture.  Gary’s idea of a “Honey Empire” is one of the best.

Mornings Are Sacred

Gary wants to buy the Jets.  Big dream, but he has a practical plan for it.  Luckily, he is documenting the journey.

Dominant Days

Gary wants to buy the Jets.  Big dream, but he has a practical plan for it.  Luckily, he is documenting the journey.

Is This the Most Important Habit for a Good Life?

For me, Money Mastery is basically one half of the overall Money puzzle. 

On the same level, I have Economics.  It’s the practical side whereas Economics is more about curiosity. 

It has many sub categories, already 4 or 5 tiers deep–and growing as more knowledge does.  Like it’s parent category, I break Money Mastery into two big chunks… Playing Markets and Financial Literacy.

Here’s a quick look at those.


As Seen By Me

To me:

Jesse is part teacher, part citizen journalist.

He’d probably reject both of those titles.  But I’ve learned a lot from him in a short time.  And I enjoy his take on the news.  He has a unique, entertaining type of wisdom.

He has helped me see some important truths.

It was over as soon as I heard him talk about forgiveness.

Jesse is one of those heroes like Jordan B. Peterson, that has shown me better ways to live out the principles I believe in.

  • Level of Understanding – 95%
  • Level of Admiration – 98%
  • Level of Modeling – 99%

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The Details

This a feature-rich card with flex value.

The American Express Gold Card is perhaps the most recognizable card in the credit card game.  Opinions on it are somewhat split but there’s no denying it is one of the main cards that draw credit card users to AMEX.


Earns MR Points Quickly.


Great for Everyday Spending.


No Transaction Fees.


Above Average Annual Fee.


Best for Frequent Travellers.


AMEX Not Always Accepted.

Secret Weapon

Breakfast with Tim

Perfect Morning Design

Genius Morning Habits

Top Performer Mornings

World Class Day

6 Things with Chase

Tim Ferris Radio Hour

Gain 15 Hours a Week

3 Worst Morning Routines

Early Morning Routine

My Top 3 High Performance Coaches

"YouTube University" has brought many a life-optimizer across my path.  These three are my favorite high performance coaches.

Brendon Burchard

operation Director, Elegant Themes

Robin Sharma

Tech Support, Elegant Themes

Tim Ferris

operation Director, Elegant Themes

Creating a Great Morning Routine

How to Create a Life-Changing Morning Routine

Starting your day off the right way is a skill.

If youAnd it’s definitely not a good first credit card.

So the first question is obvious:

Where Are You on Your Credit Card Journey?

The American Express Gold Card is a mid-to-end game card for most people.  It’s designed for higher spenders who value travel rewards.  It’s not a good starter card.  It’s an average churner card.  But it’s a great keeper card, especially when you pair it with the AMEX Platinum.

What Is Your Expected Value for this Card?

The Gold Card has one of the steepest annual fees in the industry.  So if you’re going to add it to your lineup, you need to make sure you’re going to be able to make the most of it.  While food and travel benefits are great, for most users it’s about earning (and using) MR points.

Will You Get Approved for this Card?

You need a solid credit history  for the Gold Card.  A good relationship with AMEX doesn’t hurt either.  Still, it’s not that hard to get approved for—despite the fact that many see it as a status symbol.  Most sources say approval begins with credit scores in the high 600s or low 700s.

How Will You Use the Benefits for this Card?

for travellers who spend money… best redemption options through platinum?… or something like that One of the drawbacks of MR points is ease of use

Does This Card Fit in Your Credit Roadmap?

You need a plan if you want to maximize the value of your credit cards.  That plan needs a goal, or a set of goals.  The Gold Card is only a good choice for you if it helps you achieve those goals.  This card works best for those who want to convert everyday spending into travel rewards.

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