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Humans aren’t meant to be alone.  Nonetheless, there is value in the skills that allow you to be.  Feeding yourself.  Defending yourself.  ____ yourself.  All these things are useful in due time, even if that time never comes.  It’s wiser to be prepared than to have to rush to get ready.


What Is Self Sufficiency?

Self sufficiency is the ability to fend for one’s self.  It’s almost a lost art in today’s times.  Due to massive human advancement over the last several centuries, it’s become wildly underappreciated.  Most people would rather “live their best life” than carry their own weight.

Why Self Sufficiency?

Becoming self sufficient is a natural desire for those who want to be independent.  It lowers the extent to which you must rely on others.

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything I write about.

Hell, I hardly claim to be an expert on myself.  😂😂😂

These breakdowns are largely for me.  I use them to record and reference.  Unlike most others on this site though, this self sufficiency page might actually be useful to the outside observer.

No promises.  You can tell me.

Depend on No One

99.99% of humans that have ever lived depended on society.  That’s not a bad thing.  But it also leaves you vulnerable.

Patriacal Protection

Self sufficiency is a hallmark of true masculinity.  Real fathers provide safety and security for the family unit.

Familial Fortress

A self sufficient home is a citadel for one’s family.  There’s no telling what the future holds, but it won’t hold me.

Real Work Real Life

In the “good ol’ days” the majority of labor was spent using these skills. Now, their rarity makes them more valuable.

There’s a lot that goes into making yourself self sufficient.  Here’s a quick look at what the self sufficiency journey has been like for me.

Learn with Me

I’m an infant when it comes to this one.

I’ve only just started building these skills.

I’m becoming a decent gardener but I’m nowhere near mastery.  Most of the other aspects of self sufficiency I haven’t even touched yet.  They are important to me.  But so is order of operations.

Some are seasonal.  Others are expensive.  Almost all of them are time-consuming and require commitment to master.

Over time though, I’ll learn them all.

Right now, I’m mostly concerned with my ability to feed myself (and my family).  It’s not as easy as most of us think.  After that, my next priority with be self defense.  From there, I’m not sure what will come next.

Follow along with my growth on This Site.

My Experience

I’m climbing my way toward mastery.

More than anything, I just need a few more years.

I already have a fairly sophisticated system.  I already have a fairly sophisticated system.  But for me, figuring out what I really want takes reps.  

I use my goals to carve out a life purpose.

Points of emphasis respond to change in both me and in the world.  But all the while, they pull me forward.

I create goals then mold my character to the traits that those objectives require.  My goals help me discover the man I need to be so that I can do the things I want to do.

So far, they’ve served me well.  Long may it continue.

  • Importance – 95%
  • Passion – 95%
  • Mastery – 85%

Journey Started: ≈2010

Good Life Foundation

Goals are fundamental.  They are an essential pillar of a good life.  Without them, it’s easy to get blown to and fro by the winds of the world.

Where Self Sufficiency Fits in the Game of Life

Gardening might be biggest piece of the self sufficiency puzzle.

For me, it’s a “Tier 2” concept, on the same level as Survival, Self Defense, and_______.

It is also closely tied to practices like Journaling.

‣ 1. Self Sufficiency
2. Homesteading
3. Gardening
3. Permaculture
3. Raising Livestock
2. Cooking
2. Self Defense
3. Martial Arts
3. Firearms
2. Survival

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So, You Think You Want to Become Self Sufficient?

Nice little subtitle for the win.  Nice little subtitle for the win.  Nice little subtitle for the win.  Nice little subtitle for the win. or the win.

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