What the hell is This Site, exactly?

A pointless stream of consciousness?

A fanboy’s ode to his Heroes?

A psycho’s Favorite topics?

All three?

Or maybe, it’s just the result of a lion chasing rabbits.

You might LOL… but this is how it works:

I am destined to be the G.O.A.T.  I’m going to get there by whatever means necessary.

For now, that mostly means mastering my Habits and Productivity.

When I’m kicking it like this, Deep Work and Flow come naturally.

When I’m working on some B.S. for my clients, it can be tortuous.  Not quite as much as it used to be.  At this point, it’s rare that I work for someone I don’t believe in.  But it’s still fairly easy for things like Procrastination—and the dreaded “writer’s block”—to creep in.  Some topics just suck to write about.

That’s not to say it’s that hard to get words on the page when I need to.  Over the last few years, I’ve found (or developed) lots of strategies to help me get work done whether I find it boring or not.  However, it’s easy to push certain tasks to the back burner in favor of writing posts like the one you’re reading.

Ya’ see, writing is fun for me.

Sure, I probably just like to read my own writing… aka. hear myself talk.

But there are several other elements of it that I love.

For example, it can be a cathartic process.

Unwinding Ideas

I often think of ideas—and the mind itself—like balls of yarn.

So I pull on threads to try to detangle both the external world and my own internal one.

Not only does this help me unearth knowledge, it also helps me develop Self Awareness.  Since I can remember, looking at myself honestly has been one of my biggest strengths.  Still, there always seems to be more to uncover.

Human beings are complex.  You can discover new strengths and weaknesses 30-odd years in.  Plus, each us of have a near-infinite number of threads worth tugging on.  Otherwise, Personal Growth wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Personality is somewhat static.  And you can’t go back in time to prevent your Childhood Trauma.

But you can definitely develop your Character, acquire new Skills, and reshape your Self Identity.

Writing helps me do all three.

I love Journaling.  It’s one of my Keystone Habits.  But creating content for This Site forces me to clean up my thoughts even more.  Not only is it public, it’s also a gift for my sons Tash and Atayo.  I think of this content as a “how to” manual for living a good life.

That’s also true of most of my other side projects.

The Blessing of ADD

Learning is easily my number one hobby.

I’m pretty much obsessed with it.

For the most part, I focus on things that help make my life better.  This includes topics like Achievement, Money, and Health.  Yet, it also includes other things I’m mostly just interested in like Cooking, Quantum Physics, and Ancient Human History.  Sure, these subjects have some value.  But the main reason I write about them is because I find them fascinating.

I’m basically addicted to “going down the rabbit hole.”

Some of the rabbits I chase are a little more plump than others.  For instance, studying Investing offers bigger life rewards than Gardening.  But alone, neither of them is really a big enough feast for my voracious appetite.  My mind is simply too hyperactive.  I love tangential research.  I really can’t even help myself.

This is why I think of myself as a lion chasing rabbits down holes.

Admittedly, it’s a lot of work.  These knowledge-bunnies may be scrumptious morsels but they are little more than a snack for a lion.

In order to justify all the time and effort digging them up, I’ve had to come up with a plan to make it all worthwhile.

Enter Zach Bradshaw’s Brands.

Monetizing Curiosity

So what’s the point?

How can I turn all the semi-useless information I accumulate into something of value?

Well, I could create money machines out of them.

At least, that is the plan.  When I first started Freelancing, I worked for many Niche Website owners.  Eventually, I got close enough to several of them that they shared their numbers with me.  And holy crap!  It made me wish I had written all those words for my own sites.

Whereas I charged a fee up front for the writing I produced, they basically built Passive Income machines around the content I created.

Like I mentioned in Becoming Legendary, I’m looking to follow in their footsteps.  I’ve even bought several training courses on how to do it.

Now, I basically think of ZachBradshaw.com as an incubator for different site ideas.  Once I’ve learned enough about a topic, I break it off into it’s own brand.

I currently have several of them partially launched.

I have several others brewing in the background.

And I have even more waiting in the wings.

Not everything I learn about deserves its own brand.  But I plan on creating new projects for each of my hobbies whenever it makes sense.  In due course, some of them will probably get YouTube Channels as well.  Writing isn’t all I do.  I like to run my mouth too.

Fortunately, I’ve already built a digital marketing company that can do everything these sites need.  So all I really have left to do is tweak a few systems and run them through my marketing machine.

With a little luck, they’ll be generating some real income by this time next year without much help from me.

After all, I’ve got more rabbits to chase and threads to pull.