This week felt like we took an L.

If I was counting each week as a single game, it probably would be.

Truly, I would probably call April a loss anyway if not for how well we are set up for the future.

So my football analogy is obviously pretty loose.

Still, it helps me stay motivated.

And more importantly, it makes writing these updates much easier.


Overtime of the Fourth Game

Publishing new content everyday is hard.

One of the things my Content Challenges have taught is the importance of a system.

For my 2020 Content Challenge specifically, it’s been about systems for creating content in bulk.

Per My 2020 Goals, April was supposed to be about video content creation.ย  Put the two together, my video creation systems should have taken a massive leap forward.ย  They barely moved an inch.


Instead, I spent much of my time working on my May checklist and catching up on items from previous games (months).ย  Plus, I’ve never been so far ahead for my clients.ย  Even more long-term, I’ve also started preparation to launch a few more businesses.


And as another sidenote, I’m up about 10% on my Bitcoin positions from this week.ย  (I’ve been tempted to bring back the trading analogy)

Not bad, especially considering the Coronavirus Flood Cometh.

Still, to get a tie in football game is a pretty crappy feeling.

My streak is still alive and I’m massively ahead for next month.ย  But now I think I know how Eagle’s fans felt when Donovan McNabb didn’t know that an NFL regular season game can end in a tie.ย  This whole month was simply mismanaged from the standpoint of my own content.

For example, I underestimated how long it would take me set up a YouTube studio in my office.

That’s simply poor gameplanning and management.

Some fans might be calling to fire the coach after a performance like this.


Zach Bradshaw Publishing 4/26/20 โ€“ 5/2/20

129 day content streak ain’t bad.

Truth be told, I could probably never call it an L when I’ve been able to keep something like that going.

Given the results of my original Daily Content Challenge, it’s simply amazing.

This month wasn’t glamorous, but it sure was effective.ย  Credit Cards still churning.ย  Greensboro SEO Pro getting a boost here, there, and everywhere online.ย  And I’m on the verge of finalizing several different Hero and Favorite layouts.ย  This sets me up for a major surge from Zach Bradshawย over the final half of the season.

Meanwhile, I’m on the verge of having several more projects to choose from on days when I have no content scheduled.

Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday April 26th

Monday April 27th

Tuesday April 28th

Wednesday April 29th

Thursday April 30th

Friday May 1st

Saturday May 2nd

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 129 days (begun December 26th, 2019).

That is also my current record.ย  Before this, my longest streak was 96 days during myย 2019 Daily Content Challenge.

Based on scheduling, I’m already set to extend that for 2 more.

So did we win April?

Nope.ย  We let it go into overtime in question.ย  And we came out with a frickin’ tie.

It’s kind of embarrassing but it is also a learning experience.

Perhaps more important than anything else, we’re still undefeated.