This week was like the early rumblings of a volcano.

On the surface, it wasn’t a very impressive quarter.

Below the surface, the heat has really started to turn up on my content production.

Of course, I’m still playing like a Coach on the Field (and dominating the game).

But that is giving my team members more time to make the leap from role players to stars in their own right.

Once they do, it will be game on the whole season.

For now though, I can toss them some “catch up” work and let things ride.

Third Quarter of the Seventh Game

Like my 2020 Goals, my 2020 Content Challenge began ambitiously.

I was hoping to get my Citations Training completed and scheduled by the end of January.

Considering I needed more than fifty of them, perhaps that was a little too ambitious.

After all, I struggle to complete one post per week for My Brands.

My perfectionist nature is one of the reasons I’m able to produce the Best Blog Posts on Planet Earth for pretty much any industry.

It’s easier to consider it “complete” when it’s for someone else—especially when budgets and timelines are involved.

For myself though, it’s much harder to push “Publish.”

There is always something else to be said.

(Coming Eventually: 😂)

The same is actually true of my citations posts as well.  They will probably be twice as long by the time it is all said and done.

In the meantime, I can use them to double as training for the squad and fodder for this challenge.  Then, we can come back later and extend them.  We’ll probably throw in a video for each of them as well.  But even as they are, they are already the best how to posts on citations the Web has to offer.

I have most of them outlined and even have the screenshots ready to go.  All that remains is to fill in the unique features of each platform and optimize everything.

So I’m hoping it works lol


It will mark the second time I’ve published content completed by someone else for my marketing agency.

The first time was last week, with my New Website Services on Greensboro SEO Pro.

But these will be the first blog posts.

I tried several months ago with our SEO Metadata post and others on WordPress Optimization.  But it didn’t work out because my writers didn’t have enough expertise on either topic.

That shouldn’t be a problem here.

If it goes over well, it could open up the flood gates for Work From Home Junkie, Know It All Copy, Playing Markets, and 50 other websites I’m itching to get off the ground.

Hopefully, we make it to This Site eventually.  That’s a different story altogether though, because it has my name on it.

I’m fine with baby steps.

They are progress nonetheless.

Zach Bradshaw Publishing 7/12/20 – 7/18/20

As this week went by, I kept saying to myself:

“Uh oh.”

As in, “Uh oh, we’re on the verge of an explosion.”  Returning to the field myself has brought a few extremely encouraging things to light.

For one, I’m almost ready to launch a dedicated Credit Card brand.  In fact, I already own  And now the content for my Gold Card page is almost completely done.


Filler text be damned!

By the end of the year, I’m set to have a MASSIVE silo on my site complete.  It’s sister site shouldn’t be too far behind.  Then, I take that process straight to Playing Markets or Beating the Dollar.  And finally, in comes Sordid Games, Powerful Pedos, and What They Lied About Today.

Sounds like I’ll either be a rich man or a dead man.


I think I’m destined for both.  The second one’s already decided and the first one’s up to me.

Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday July 12th

Monday July 13th

Tuesday July 14th

Wednesday July 15th

Thursday July 16th

Friday July 17th

Saturday July 18th

  • No Content.  Streak Broken.

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 0 days (begun July 19th, 2020).

My longest streak so far was 157 days earlier in my 2020 Content Challenge, broken in Week 21.

I don’t have anything scheduled to extend it.

So how close are we to winning July?

It’s still closer than I would like but we are edging this one out just slightly.

To finish of this one, I’m looking to absolutely take over the fourth quarter.

I’ll put them on my back once again and let the volcano erupt in the months to come.