One of the main goals of my Daily Content Challenge is to create a habit.

And it seems that this objective may have already been achieved.

✔ Despite disheartening losses I continue to produce.

✔ Despite a new soul searching mandate last week I continue to produce.

✔ Despite running out of scheduled content I continue to produce.

Interesting.  Encouraging.

Still, I’m not backing off my thoughts last week.

It’s time to slow things down.  We’re approaching the halfway point of 2019.  As I check in on my yearly goals this week, I’ll put this challenge into the greater context of my life.

From there, we’ll see how best to continue.

Reluctant Momentum

I haven’t really been trying to produce content.

But I haven’t really been trying not to either.

In the morning.  Before bed.  Procrastinating on client work in the middle of the day.

Apparently, all of these times are great times to produce content.

I few months back I touched on how working on my own brands makes a lot of my other work easier.

I definitely found that to be true this week.

It certainly wasn’t a week of massive production.  But it was consistent—checking the box for another goal of this challenge.

And more than consistent, it was all highly relevant.  I’m grow ever closer to a completed page layout on for my Favorites.  I also continued hammering out the hierarchy of how these concepts fit together.  This is good for  But it’s great for Zach Bradshaw the human.

From here, I still need to get back cracking on my videos.  I recorded a few large batches for clients this week but the mic issues have really put a damper on my spirits for my public channels.  Still, I problem solved on it this week and won’t accept it as an excuse come next month.

More importantly, it’s time for to have another mini content explosion.  We published our Online Ads page last week.  That’s the last of our service pages for now.  From here, we desperately need to catch up on SEO case studies and begin pushing out blog posts.  Then, we’re on the verge of blowing our digital footprint WIDE open.

My other brands are also starting to shape up but I think a return to personal posts on might be in order.

Writing posts for me simply feels good.


Another box checked.


Zach Bradshaw’s Content Updates 6/23/19 – 6/29/19

This week was definitely progress.

It certainly wasn’t the massive weeks of April and May.  But I definitely moved my content forward.

In fact, some of it moved forward via omission.  See: Tuesday.  Much needed.  Long overdue.

I’ve also started using my Money and Money Mastery pages to work out of my website hierarchy and how Favorites at different levels should function.  Lots of critical thinking.  Pretty darn fun.  Pretty darn useful.

I’ll definitely be adding in some stipulations…

But I look forward to continuing along these same paths as I give this challenge a makeover.

My Week

Sunday June 23rd, 2019

Monday June 24th, 2019

  • Removed Old Facebook Pictures | ZB Facebook

Tuesday June 25th, 2019

Wednesday June 26th, 2019

  • Updated Money Page |

Thursday June 27th, 2019

Friday June 28th, 2019

Saturday June 29th, 2019

Zach’s content still chugging along, however reluctantly.


Eventually, this thing will be a freight train.

For now, I’m content to let the inertia carry me through the end of June.

I suppose this is like a moving pit stop.

This week I created content I felt like creating and it continued the streak.

Perhaps this should serve as inspiration for my ultimate goals with this long term:

Create the content I feel like creating and get paid well to do it.



That might take this thing running on the fumes of inertia to kickstarted into a wave of real momentum.

I’ll be plotting on that as I try to push my streak back to 20 this week.

If you’re rocking with me, thanks and stay tuned.