For 2022:

I’m back at it again.  And this time, it feels like I’m going to reach glory.

I expect to complete the mandate from my original 365-day Content Challenge.

In 2022, I’m going to produce new content everyday.

Last year, it sounded more daunting.  This year it almost feels like an inevitability.

That’s not to say I’m taking it lightly.

However, I’ve already put together a 157 day streak during my 2020 Content Challenge.  And even though my longest streak for my 2021 Content Challenge was less than half of that at 67 days, I had half as many days without any new content or updates.  From 300 out of 366 in 2020 to 332 out of 365 in 2021.  From about 82% to about 91%.

That means I’ve only missed 99 days in the past two years.

It might not be a total “success.”  But when I think about it in those terms, it does fill me with pride and confidence.

If I shave another 33 days off the no-content side, I’ll be left with zero—which is obviously the ultimate goal.

Once done, I’m not sure whether I will continue my Content Challenges or not.  I think I’m leaning toward yes.  But I reserve the right to scrap or change the goals.  Eventually, I need to shift the focus from quantity to quality.

The current iteration is mostly about making content production a Habit.  At this point, I can just about check that objective off the list.

Now, it’s difficult for me to imagine not producing content on a daily basis.

After all, I’ve been basically been doing so for the last three years now.

It only gets easier and easier.

Tripling Down

The mantra is still simplicity first.

Having so many Brands working at one time only makes that easier.

Obviously, This Site comes first.  It’s the hub for everything else.  Even so, Playing Markets, Insider’s Guide to Credit, Make Your Brain Better, My Raggedy Patch, Truth in Blockchain, and Work From Home Junkie are all looking ripe for major upgrades this year.  I’ll probably even make a push for monetization on some of them.  After all, I did buy two Niche Website training programs last year.

Not to mention, it’s about time I started going in on Greensboro SEO Pro again.  I might even bust out another marketing brand or two.  Indeed, Know It All Copy and Local Wildfire call out to me from time to time.

Plus, I have a professional camera on the way, so a return to YouTube is also on the table.

Altogether, it actually seems harder not to produce content than to churn it out.

Sure, my approach is a little ADD.

But it’s working for me thus far.

Weekly Round Ups

Once again, nothing fancy here.

Just documenting my progress towards becoming a truly prolific writer (and all-around content producer).

Quarter 1

The beginning of 2022 is going to be all about my Achievement silo.

This serves an additional purpose: to increase my Productivity.  Last year was bit of a downer overall, probably in large part because I shirked my Yearly Goal Setting process.  I’m definitely fixing that in 2022.

It’s time I started chasing world-class again.

That begins now.


In review, I really got a lot done in quarter one.  When it comes to my Favorites, I always seem to overestimate how much I can get done.  Still, I’m pretty happy with how far I was able to get.

In addition, I have 100 outlines brewing for some of my other Brands, which will surely pay off as 2022 continues.

Quarter 2

For this quarter, my Achievement silo is still the biggest emphasis.  But I should also get through a big chunk of my Brand pages.

Speaking of my other brands, it’s Gardening season again.  That means it’s time to put my new camera equipment to use.  My Raggedy Patch should get a lot of love as we head into summer.  Combined with those post outlines for Playing Markets, Insider’s Guide to Credit, and Make Your Brain Better, I’m expecting a lot of action.

If I’m lucky, I might also get around to turning some of Greensboro SEO Pro‘s new SOPs into public-facing content.


Update (3/8/2023):

Quarter 2 picked up where quarter 1 left off, despite My House Getting Turned Into Swiss Cheese.

Unfortunately, close to the end of the quarter I made a mistake that lead to the gradual unravelling of my content-producing resolve.  I simply forgot to touch any of my own projects on one of my most productive days of 2022.  This broke a streak of over 200 days, that dated all the way back before my birthday in 2021.

Quarter 3

Update (3/8/2023):

Quarter 3 was a struggle… for this challenge and everything else in my life.

It started off with a stutter, trying to regain my moment from earlier in the year.  It ended with absolute capitulation as I almost gave up—not only on this challenge, but on life.  Everything was tough.  And surrendering on this content challenge was just one more wound in my self-flagellation.

Quarter 4

  • Week 40 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 41 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 42 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 43 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 44 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 45 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 46 Round Up 💥
  • Week 47 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 48 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 49 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 50 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 51 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 52 Round Up 💥

Update (3/9/2023):

Quarter 4 took quarter 3’s struggles to the next level.

I fell into the worst malaise since I lost my family.  The holiday season tends to have that affect on me, but this one was especially bad.  I was absolutely useless, maintaining worst sleep schedule of any human in recorded history.  My birthday week and New Year’s week were the only times I even came up for air.  My content output reflected exactly that.

2022 Review


Overall, 2022 was a tale of two halves.

Over the first half, I dominated this challenge.  Over the second half, I went ghost.

Fantastic start.  Disastrous ending.

In retrospect, it was a major missed opportunity.  I had a real chance to hit the 365-day mark and one small mistake ruined that.  From there, I let things cascade into a bonafide catastrophe.

2022 contained both my longest-ever content production streak and my longest-ever no-content streak since my original Daily Content Challenge.

That’s really eye-opening.  I learned a major lesson about keeping my eye on the ball and making sure to lay the next brick everyday.

As painful as the lesson was, I feel that it provided tremendous value going forward.  My resolve is especially high and I’ve been extremely diligent with my “My Hour First” protocol for my 2023 Content Challenge so far.  It’s early days and I know I’ve said this before, but it really feels like hitting that elusive 365-day mark is in the cards for early next year.

Only time will tell.

If I had to bet though, I’d put my money on a serious redemption arc in 2023.