This was a strong week.

On script.Β  Dominating time of possession.

It’s not a blow out yet.

But it is setting up to be.

I’m getting a little Carolina Panthers 2015 vibe from this one.

This is that “go out and hit ’em in the mouth” ish.


Smash mouth football has always been my style.

First Quarter of the Third Game

American football has changed over the last decade or so.

There’s a lot less rushing.Β  And there’s a lot less good defense.

More points.Β  Better for TV.

Most people probably like it.

I don’t.

I liked it better when football was a battle of wills…

…When you always ran the ball on the goal line.

…When the battles in the trenches mattered most.

…When it was a little more like rugby and less like ultimate frisbee.


But I digress.

This quarter was like an old-school beatdown.Β  We didn’t put massive points up.Β  But the enemy knows who is boss.

Art Williams woulda been proud.

The body blows will pay off in the quarters to come.

This week I put in work on SO many different pieces of content.

Some of the drafts I updated for Greensboro SEO Pro this week:

  • WordPress Optimization Walkthrough
  • Why We Choose WP Engine
  • Why We Choose WP Engine
  • TomTom Optimization Guide
  • NAP Least Common Denominators

Some of the drafts I updated for Zach Bradshaw this week:

  • Red Pilled
  • Choking on the Blue Pill
  • America Was Always Great

Might not mean anything to you yet.

But to me this is like:


…And then some.

Now, this was expected to a degree.Β  I’ve been working on most of these for over a month already.Β  Some even longer.Β  But this was an especially strong week compared to the rest of myΒ 2020 Content Challenge so far.Β  Meanwhile, I’m almost three quarters of the way to a triple-digit streak for the first time ever.

Then something unexpected happened.

One of my clients tried to pitch me on Ripple.Β  I trolled him juuuust a little bit 🀏 and he went off. πŸ’₯Β  An essay and a half.Β  He gave me some great links to research for my brand Truth in Blockchain.Β  But other than that, all I really learned was that he does not have a coherent Investing Strategy. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ It’s cool.Β  Most don’t.

The only way I could even frame a response…

Build a whole page on it?


I don’t know if that makes any sense.

Either way, I went HAM on one of the most important pieces of my Playing Markets framework.

Yeah, basically I’m just a know it all. πŸ€“ But whatever, it lead to some major Deep Work via inspired action.

At the beginning of game two, we got Smacked in the Mouth.

For game three, we smacked first.

Zach Bradshaw Publishing 3/01/20 – 3/07/20

All in all, this might be my favorite week of content in 2020 so far.

My services page push from last month is still paying dividends and my Credit Card pages are still marching on and on.Β  Those are also about to get another massive boost and I have about half my content for March already done.

Not to mention:

My Money Mastery updates will probably pull me into more action the same way elaborating on The Credit Card Game has.Β  Trading, Investing Vehicles, Market Fundamentalsβ€”here I come!

Now, this week might not look all that special on paper.

But big hits and pancake blocks don’t show up in the box score.Β  They only show up on the scoreboard.Β  You have to #KeepPounding through the second half to reap those rewards.Β  So we know we still have more work to do.

Can’t wait.

Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday March 1st

Monday March 2nd

Tuesday March 3rd

Wednesday March 4th

Thursday March 5th

Friday March 6th

Saturday March 7th

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 73 days (begun December 26th, 2019).

My longest streak so far was 96 days during my 2019 Daily Content Challenge.

Based on scheduling, I’m already set to extend that for 4 more.

So how close am I to winning March?

I’m up 7-0 or so.Β  Their offense can’t do anything.Β  And we’ve had the ball the whole time.

It’s something like that.Β  You can’t win games in the first quarter.

But we definitely won the first quarter.Β  Can’t do more than that.