This wasn’t as bad as it looks.


A soft start isn’t ideal.

But it was still better than Game 3’s Stop and Start or Trick Play bullcrap.

Obviously, I want to return to my Smash Mouth ways as soon as possible.

The grind is where I excel most.

We’ve gotten away from it.  Luckily, it hasn’t been bad enough to let this game get away from us.

I’d say we’re trailing slightly.  But it looks like it’s shaping up to be another close game.

I’m ready for it.

First Quarter of the Fourth Game

It’s a long season.

And sometimes, it feels like I’m falling off the wagon already.

Though we’ve been winning, I’ve missed some of my game-by-game objectives.

My 2020 Content Challenge isn’t Madden.  But I would like to put up 200 yards rushing once in awhile.  That hasn’t happened yet this season.  The main issue is that we haven’t put together a complete performance for four quarters.

After this start, Game 4 won’t be the first.


However, it’s not all bad.

I did unlock one achievement this week:

I’ve now produced new content for over 100 days straight!

That’s my first triple-digit content streak!


Zach’s Content Challenges have reached a major new milestone.

I’ve been trying to get this one done for about a year and a half.  Feels good to finally crack 100.

Meanwhile, I’m on the cusp of a major content break out.

According to My 2020 Goals for Greensboro SEO Pro, April is for videos.

And guess what doesn’t show up in my weekly content stats?

The fact that my “studio” got cleaned out last week.

Uh oh.


Zach Bradshaw Publishing 3/29/20 – 4/04/20

This week’s content wasn’t all that impressive.

But I really don’t have many complaints.

Yes, there were more trick plays.  Namely, more marketing service updates.  I meant to keep updates like this for Game 6.  But I simply didn’t get all the scheduling I wanted done over the first three games of the season.  It’s left me scrambling for answers somewhat.  Plus, all this Coronavirus stuff has shifted priorities a little bit.

At the same time, my Credit Card content is on the verge of hitting a whole new level.  Finally, I have other sleeping giants starting to wake up in the form of Work From Home Junkie and some of my other Brands.

It hasn’t all shown itself on the field yet.  But when it does, the whole 2020 season is mine.

For now though, it’s about taking it one play at a time.

Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday March 29th

Monday March 30th

Tuesday April 31st

Wednesday April 1st

Thursday April 2nd

Friday April 3rd

Saturday April 4th

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 101 days (begun December 26th, 2019).

That is also my current record.  Before this, my longest streak was 96 days during my 2019 Daily Content Challenge.

Based on scheduling, I’m already set to extend that for 2 more.

So how close are we to winning April?

We’re probably trailing just slightly.  A soft start, but not a disastrous one.

Most of the game is still out in front of us.  And of course, it’s ours to lose.

And, as always, it is also ours to win.  That’s exactly what we plan on doing.