Second Quarter of the Tenth Game

2020 Content Challenge

Zach Bradshaw Publishing 10/11/20 – 10/17/20


Here’s the full play-by-play:

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday October 11th

Monday October 12th

Tuesday October 13th

Wednesday October 14th

Thursday October 15th

Friday October 16th

Saturday October 17th

The Week Ahead

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 144 days (begun May 27, 2020).

My longest streak so far was 157 days earlier in my 2020 Content Challenge, broken in Week 21.

Based on scheduling, I’m already set to extend that for 2 more.

So how close are we to winning October?

It’s tied going into overtime.  But we saw this one comes earlier in the game.

I’m actually glad we’re starting off the season going “down to the wire.”

After all, we can’t escape the ones we already see coming down the road.