November was strong.

It might have been the strongest month of my life to this point.

It makes sense.  I turned 30 last month.

I’m pretty sure Zach Bradshaw’s thirty-first year will be his best.

That’s because I get to make that choice everyday.

The post you’re reading is a small part of the same thing.

In 2018, I promised to make 12 personal growth update posts.

This is the eleventh in the set.

Here are the first ten:

I’m thinking of this year as the first 30 seconds of my life’s second quarter.  I should have put it away in the first.  But I left it a dog fight.

So year 31 gets a serious gameplan.

Let’s switch sides of the field, come out, and punch em in the mouth.

1. Daily Content Challenge

In November, I start this thing.

It started halfway through the month.

But it looks like it’s going to take over my life, in a good way.

It’s the beefed up version of this post actually.  Instead of one post a month I agree to one update a day.

To date, I’m well over one per day.  And I haven’t missed a day.  I’ve had a couple close calls.  But I don’t plan to falter.

I can already tell that this is going to blow my business up.  Even my content on this site is getting a better than expected reception.

In order to maximize the value:

I have to problem solve the time to promote.  Social media is not my favorite.  But I need to grow up as a business builder.

For me:

That requires overcoming a degree of self consciousness.

The personal nature of this blog should go a ways to help with that.

I’m already baring my soul:


2. Valuetainment

I met Patrick Bet-David at the beginning of this month.

It didn’t take long until Valuetainment took over my learning time for the month.

I watched at least 20 videos across various topics.  I’ve already made a profile for him.  And it’s already one of the most built out.

I’ve never seen content like his.  It’s really actionable.

Like he says:

“Valuetainment can go toe to toe with any other content for entrepreneurs.”

I agree.  Some of his stuff is incredible.  The only thing I’ve seen that could compete is The Profit.  And that’s apples to oranges.

Whatever stage of entrepreneurship you’re in, PBD can probably help you.

I’m looking forward to having enough money to force him to coach me.


3. Buying the Dip? Or Catching Falling Knives

As I write this, BTC looks to be rushing steadily to $3,000.

So what went wrong?

Nothing, from my view.

I am freaking ecstatic!

I was excited to get $6,000 BTC.  I prayed for $4,000 or $5,000.  I didn’t believe them when they said $3,000 was a possibility.

Golly Gee Whiz.

It’s actually the best possible timing all year.

My money just freed up and I will actually make my two biggest buys to date shortly after my money clears.

The fundamentals for cryptocurrency are 100x better than they were last year.  Public sentiment is way down.  But BTC is used to major corrections like this.  It’s young.  It’s not yet well regulated.  And the size of the market still has a ways to go.

But the fact is:

2018 brought plenty of positive news and flushed out a lot of bad players.

Sorry if you lost.  You probably shouldn’t have been in.


If you’re clueless, this Daily Update from puts things is great perspective:

Datadash is the biggest permabull I follow.

Videos like this though, are why I love his channel.

He has a much better understanding of markets than I do.  The video above is a great example.  The last half of the video talks about world economics outside of crypto—as his updates often do.  For me, it’s more than crypto.

Nicolaus Merten helps me become a better investor.

In the long-term, that’s the major goal.

I’m in business to become an investor.

4. Business Growth Log

My plans are getting more and more accurate.

I’m almost to the point of being about to fill my calendar two weeks out.  For now, I need a bit of agility.

Hopefully though, I can get to a full month’s schedule by the end of 2019.

November’s plan was almost spot on.

(Public) November Business Goals

  1. Greensboro SEO Pro – “Wow” current clients.  LAUNCH new site.  Hubspot.  10X Growth Con for the squad.
  2. Local SEO Training – Nurture squad through rankings process.  Lay foundation for YouTube training channel.
  3. Other Brands Ready – Organize and poke around on WFHJ,,,, and others.
  4. Prepare for 2019 – Look into hiring, office space, and more.  Organize budget, models, and legal. GO TF IN.
  5. Personal Brand – Restart regular social posts.  Organize and optimize network. Finish some pages and posts.

I pretty much crushed it.

In places I planned a little wide and then decided to go deep.  Less brands, less disciplines; more mastery.

And it’s working for me.

(Public) November Business Production

  1. Greensboro SEO Pro – Behind with 1 client.  Site relaunched.  Still Learning Hubspot.  No 10X Grown Con yet.
  2. Local SEO Training – Still supporting squad, though not in same way.  Nearly Ready for YouTubeIngroup post.
  3. Other Brands Ready – Forced myself to put up stupid lion photo. 😂🤣😂 Didn’t do much else across other sites.
  4. Prepare for 2019 – Learning a lot.  Lucky Valuetainment fell into my lap.  Still a lot to learn.  Still a lot to meditate on. 
  5. Personal Brand – Started 365-day daily content challenge.  Started regular social activity.  Network partially optimized.

Quarter four 2018 has been strong so far.  November continued the trend.

December will finish strong.

It will also set up the rest of my life.

(Public) December Business Goals

  1. Plan “2nd Quarter” – Playing for 4 Quarters post.  GSP Long Term Plan post.  2019 business plan created.
  2. Greensboro SEO Pro – Back to “Wowing” clients.  Continue to expand site.  Lay groundwork YouTube videos.
  3. Personal Brand – Dominate content challenge.  Complete network optimization. backend optimized.
  4. Prepare for 2019 – Break down more PBD videos.  Start recruiting.  Explore partnerships.  Continue office research.
  5. Ninja Project – Undertake first full-scale consulting project.  It’s a trial run.  I’m going to revolutionize their business.

How about the same spoiler alert as last month:

I’m going to crush everything.

5. Growth Diary

This month I:

  • chose heavy hitter moticuts from the playlist and this Conor McGregor one often.
  • spent my learning time with PBD (90%) and Gary (10%)
  • optimized processes for citations, web design, sales, onboarding, and more.
  • paused One Piece in favor of sports, Vikings, Last Kingdom, and bad movies.
  • Tadow!ed all month long.
  • continued to come up with amazing affirmations.
  • made manifesto permanent, problem solved other spreads, and started marketing machine $cratchbook.

True Scorpio.  I crushed.

Of course, November was a month of rebirth.

It hails the birth of the King of Fire within me.  From where I see, it looks like game over.

That’s because I’m going to put my head down and play until the whistle.

When I do that, all obstacles crumble.

My consistency carries my conviction.

I’ve only got one month of this series left.

I’m already on to the next version.  But I’m committed to finish this one strong as well.

My December Personal Growth post will undoubtedly be the last.

These posts suck.

But they provide a framework.  Google knows I’ve been talking.  That’s the main thing.

Now, I can actually start to focus on saying something.