2022 Content Challenge Week 1:


Finally, it’s 2022 and it feels so good!

Once again, I’m entering a new year with a decent content streak.  This is the first time it’s over 50 days in a row though.  In fact, I’m less than a week away from breaking my longest streak from 2021.  What’s more, there seems to be no end in sight.

This week I really went in.  Not all of it is showing because I’m working on a lot of new content behind the scenes.  Nonetheless, I’m feeling better about my content production than I have in a long time.  Sure, it’s all me right now.  But that’s perfectly fine—and maybe even preferable.

As per usual, most of my work is happening on This Site.  And still, there is a lot of tab clearing.  Yet, I’m solidly back to working on My Brands first.  This has always been one of my most important Habits.  The truth of that has never been more apparent to me than it is now.  I’m falling back in love with building out my Favorites and Heroes pages.  That passion is bleeding over into projects like Playing Markets as well.  Over the rest of 2022, I’m expecting massive growth for many of my others as well, including Greensboro SEO Pro.

That’s one of the main reasons why 2022 is already shaping up to be my most hype year ever.


It looks like Chelsea (and maybe even Tar Heel basketball), agree as well.

This was the week the Blues came back from two-nil to split points against the Reds (without Romelu Lukaku) thanks to a Mateo Kovačić wondergoal and a clinical finish from Christian Pulisic.  They also stomped Tottenham in the league cup to remind everyone who the Kings of London are. Finally, Chesterfield ate 4 in the first half to round out a week of great results.  💙

Armando Bacot’s 29 and 21 also powered UNC to a rare win over Tony Bennett’s Virginia.

Personally, it feels like I finally got my edge back.  Sleep schedule almost back on track and a whole lot of Deep Work.

Exactly what the doctor ordered.


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Content Streak

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 62 days (begun November 9th).

My longest streak ever was 157 days in a row during my 2020 Content Challenge, which ended in Week 21.  My best in 2021 was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  I am currently on my longest of 2022.

I’m coming for you 365. 🤩🤩🤩