2021 Content Challenge Week 45:


Despite allowing my streak to snap, I’ve probably never touched so many pages in a single week…

…And here I thought Week 44 was a spam fest.  Last week took it to a whole ‘nother level.


This Site was the only site I worked on all week.  And just like last week, 90% of those updates were simply header fixes for my Favorites.  Important for ZachBradshaw.com (and perhaps my life) but not for much else.  That’s really okay though, as the formatting changes are much needed—and looking cumulatively, I did add a fair number of words across all these pages.  In the background, I also created some strong private training for my marketing company.

Still, need more “real” content updates.  Next week, I’ll definitely make that happen.

Speaking of making things happen, this was the week Christian Pulisic came off the bench for USMNT to reignite the legacy of Dos a Cero.

It was also the week that UNC football took Pitt to overtime and UNC basketball started the season with two strong wins.

In the UFC, Max Holloway and Yair Rodríguez put on a show.  In the Manosphere, so did The Godfather and Brittany Renner.

And considering next week begins “Goals Season,” I’m about to do the same.


Zach Bradshaw’s Latest Content 11/7/21 – 11/13/21

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Content Streak

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 5 days (begun November 9th).

My longest streak ever was 157 days in a row during my 2020 Content Challenge, broken in Week 21.  My best this year was 67 days, snapped in Week 23.

I’m coming for you 365. 🤩🤩🤩