2022 Content Challenge Week 24:



Monday was one of my most productive days of the whole year.  Unfortunately, I forgot one of the biggest things on the agenda…

My content streak!


In all honesty, this has probably been coming for awhile.  There had been waaaaaay too many last-minute saves recently because I wasn’t working on my content first-thing in the morning.

Unfortunately, my streak broke just before I got back on the train.  Over the last two weeks I’ve fully gotten back into early bird mode.  Usually, the earlier I wake up, the better my Content Challenges go.  Too bad.  I’m back to beating the sun and my habit of devoting the first hour of each workday to My Brands tends to depend on that.  If I’m able to start working before the world wakes up, it’s much easier.

Oh well.


I guess I’ll have to go into 2023 with a 180-day streak instead of a 400-day streak.

Slightly annoying.  But I beat my previous best streak by two months.  And if I can make it to the end of the year from here, I’ll only have a month or so remaining to set a new all-time record.

My content streak is dead.  Long live my content streak.


When it comes to the actual updates for this week, they were pathetic.  Seriously.  I probably deserved to have my streak broken.

Definitely one of my weakest weeks of the last half-year.  Tiny touches under Achievement, Economics, and a single one of my Heroes.  I didn’t even muster up any decent tab-clearing sessions.

Just terrible.


But now the fire under my butt has been lit.  🔥

It’s about to go down.

Speaking of going down, this was the week Joe Biden fell off his bike.  🙄

It was also the week that the Fed’s rate hike sent the markets tumbling.  📉

Bitcoin broke below $20k, the first time it had ever revisited the cycle all-time high.  Very interesting.  🤔

This was also the week that Pete Nance announced his transfer to UNC.  🙌

Hopefully, that means we’ll be back in the championship game again next year.  🙏

But perhaps this week’s most significant event:

This was the week Tashy asked me about cocaine (and the person with him ended up glorifying marijuana in their poor pursuit of providing an answer).

Zach Bradshaw’s Latest Content 6/12/22 – 6/18/22

Sunday June 12th

Monday June 13th

  • No content.  Streak broken.

Tuesday June 14th

Wednesday June 15th

Thursday June 16th

Friday June 17th

Saturday June 18th

Content Streak

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 5 days (begun June 14th).

My longest streak ever was earlier this year, snapped at 217 days in a row in Week 24.  My best during 2021’s Content Challenge was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  And my best in 2020 was 157 days in a row, which ended in Week 21.

I’m coming for you 365. 🤩🤩🤩