2022 Content Challenge Week 28:


Well this is embarrassing.  🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

I’m posting this weekly round up post months late—along with several others from 2022.  It’s a sad state of affairs really.  After the best ever start to any of My Content Challenges, my consistency dissolved completely.  It’s a real shame, even more so because I can’t be 100% confident about the accuracy of these round ups now.

Whatever.  As they say, better late than never.

I’ll just have to live with it and try to do better from here on.

Zach Bradshaw’s Latest Content 7/10/22 – 7/16/22

Sunday July 10th

  • No content.  No streak.

Monday July 11th

  • No content.  No streak.

Tuesday July 12th

  • No content.  No streak.

Wednesday July 13rd

Thursday July 14th

  • No content.  Streak broken.

Friday July 15th

  • No content.  No streak.

Saturday July 16th

  • No content.  No streak.

Content Streak

After this week:

My weekly content streak was at 0.  😭

My longest streak ever was earlier this year, snapped at 217 days in a row in Week 24.  My best during 2021’s Content Challenge was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  And my best in 2020 was 157 days in a row, which ended in Week 21.

I’m coming for you 365. 🤩🤩🤩