It’s nearly two months into 2023 and I’m finally getting this party started. 😅

But hey, better late than never. 🤷‍♂️

Last year’s content challenge started off so well then came to a screeching halt. 🛑

Due to this year’s late start, I can’t even make it to 365 days in a row by the end of the year. 😭

Still, that won’t stop me from trying to make it through the end of 2023 (and beyond).

I went into 2022 feeling like I was finally going to complete the challenge.  Indeed, I came closer than I ever had before—finally breaking the 6-month and 200-day marks on a content streak.  Things were going great… until they weren’t.  Despite setting a new record for my longest-ever daily content streak, I regressed on all other metrics.  I had my lowest percentage of days with content new content since 2018 (before my challenges began).  I also set a new record for my longest-ever no-content streak.  Booooooooooo! 👎

I’ve been at my Content Challenges since 2018.  For the first one, all I had to do was produce a blog post every month.  I succeeded with relative ease.  Then I got more ambitious.  Since 2019, the objective has been to publish new content and/or update existing content every single day.

The results:

  • Daily Content Challenge – Produced content at least 301 out of 411 days (73%).  Longest content streak: 97 days.  Longest no-content streak: Unknown; 13 days max.
  • 2020 Content Challenge – Produced content 300 out of 366 days (82%).  Longest content streak: 157 days.  Longest no-content streak: 6 days.
  • 2021 Content Challenge – Produced content 332 out of 365 days (91%).  Longest content streak: 67 days.  Longest no-content streak: 4 days.
  • 2022 Content Challenge – Produced content 195 out of 365 days (53%).  Longest content streak: 217 days (cont’d from 2021).  Longest no-content streak: 76 days.

Due to this year’s late start, I can’t even say that I’m going to produce content everyday of 2023.  Nor can I set a new record for the highest percentage of content-producing days.

Nonetheless, I can finish the year with my longest-ever continuous content streak.

So that’s what I plan to do.

Getting Back on the Horse

I’ve been out of the swing of things for so many months.

So I thought it might be a little rocky at first

However, it’s been relatively easy so far.  As I write this post, I’ve only been back in the game for a couple of weeks.  Yet I already feel like I already have great momentum.

Maintaining my “my hour first” protocol (working on my own content to start each day) feels so natural.  That’s how I crossed the 200-day mark last year.  Breaking the protocol is how my streak got snapped.  If I stick to it, I’m confident that I can set a new record.  I’m even considering making Saturday a my-stuff-only day.  Traditionally, I’ve treated it like a regular work day.  But considering how much working on my own projects adds fuel to my fire, giving them a whole day seems like a really good idea.

I’m not totally sure how many of My Brands I’m going to work on this year.  I made decent progress on several of them in 2022, including This Site, Greensboro SEO Pro, Playing Markets, Insider’s Guide to Credit, and Make Your Brain Better.  I still have others that are half-developed, like Work From Home Junkie, My Raggedy Patch, Truth in Blockchain, and Know It All Copy.  And I have even more waiting in the wings.

However, I’m going to stick with baby steps for now.

In years past, my approach was really ADD, spamming work across several projects at the same time.

It works for the content challenge aspect.  However, it leaves me with an ever-growing number of loose ends to tie up.  This year, I want to reverse that trend.

The goal is to find stopping points on the websites then get back into video content.

If I get that right, I might even be able to set 1000-day content challenge goals. 💪

Weekly Round Ups

Just like the last two years, there won’t be anything fancy here.

All that matters is documenting my progress towards becoming a truly prolific writer (and all-around content producer).

Quarter 1

I’m starting off the year the same way I did last year—with my Achievement silo.

It served me very well last year.  I got off to an incredible start.

Once again, I’m going to use it to jumpstart my Productivity.

For now, the Zach Bradshaw Brand will be the sole focus of my content production.  It’s generally the easiest site for me to work on.  Plus, it has the additional benefit of reinforcing habits and principles that need reinforcing right now.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a 40 day streak when April rolls around.

It’s nothing special.  But at least it’s something.

  • Week 1 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 2 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 3 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 4 Round Up 💥
  • Week 5 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 6 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 7 Round Up – None. 😭
  • Week 8 Round Up
  • Week 9 Round Up
  • Week 10 Round Up
  • Week 11 Round Up ✅
  • Week 12 Round Up ✅
  • Week 13 Round Up ✅


I’ll come back to this once the first quarter is over.

Quarter 2

I’ll come back to this one once the second quarter begins.

  • Week 14:
  • Week 15:
  • Week 16:
  • Week 17:
  • Week 18:
  • Week 19:
  • Week 20:
  • Week 21:
  • Week 22:
  • Week 23:
  • Week 24:
  • Week 25:
  • Week 26:


I’ll come back to this once the second quarter is over.

Quarter 3

I’ll come back to this one once the third quarter begins.

  • Week 27:
  • Week 28:
  • Week 29:
  • Week 30:
  • Week 31:
  • Week 32:
  • Week 33:
  • Week 34:
  • Week 35:
  • Week 36:
  • Week 37:
  • Week 38:
  • Week 39:


I’ll come back to this once the third quarter is over.

Quarter 4

I’ll come back to this one once the fourth quarter begins.

  • Week 40:
  • Week 41:
  • Week 42:
  • Week 43:
  • Week 44:
  • Week 45:
  • Week 46:
  • Week 47:
  • Week 48:
  • Week 49:
  • Week 50:
  • Week 51:
  • Week 52:


I’ll come back to this once the fourth quarter is over.

2023 Content Challenge Round Up

I’ll come back to this one once my 2023 content challenge is complete.