2023 Content Challenge Week 11:


This week, I crossed the three-week and 25-day milestones.

A week from now, I’ll be over a month for the first time in over half a year.

Finally starting to feel respectable again.

What Got Done?

A fair bit, actually.

Continuing on the themes of this challenge so far, the Achievement silo on This Site was the primary focus.  I embrace that kind of predictability.  I touched quite a few of my existing pages and even published a fresh one.  In fact, I was able to schedule the publishing of my Self Discipline page along with a couple other updates.

I also went back and cleaned up a bunch of posts from my original Daily Content Challenge, which was quite a long time coming.  I’m going to continue tying up other loose ends with My Content Challenges over the next few weeks.  A great many round up posts need work.  Luckily, it’s all fairly easy to do.  Truly, there’s really no excuse for leaving it this long anyway.

I also tried to start posting sleep videos.  However, I ran into some trouble.  I found out that I need faster connection speed to post +8 hour videos.  So I’ll problem solve on that while I change shift to shorter videos of the same and similar type.

It should be easy to keep the momentum going.

This Was the Week That…

Speaking of maintaining momentum…

I think Chelsea is allergic to it.


To follow three straight wins, dropping points against Everton was fairly predictable.  After all, they’ve got that “new manager bounce” thing going and the Sean Dyche factor.  But letting them tie the game back up twice was just disheartening.  At least João Félix scored his first premiere league goal.

Meanwhile, Hubert Davis went out like an absolute b!tch this week.  UNC officially became the first preseason #1 not to make the NCAA tournament since the field increased to 64.  Okay, whatever.  But to turn down an invitation to the NIT?  That’s just pathetic.  It’s no wonder the mass exodus has begun, with Tyler Nickel and Dontrez Styles entering the transfer portal.

Doubt is really starting to creep in.

In other news, this was also the week Leon proved his win against Kamaru was no fluke (UFC 286).  Color me surprised.

And believe it or not, I even got a whiff of news this week.  Apparently, Trump is going to arrested on Tuesday.

That should be interesting.


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Content Streak

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 27 days (begun February 20th), which is the largest—and only—streak of my 2023 Content Challenge so far.

My longest streak ever was last year, snapped at 217 days in a row in Week 24.  My best during 2021’s Content Challenge was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  And my best in 2020 was 157 days in a row, which ended in Week 21.

The march toward a full 365 continues.  📈