2023 Content Challenge Week 12:


Last week, I crossed the 4 week and 30-day milestones.

I cut things close on Sunday and Tuesday.  😅

But ultimately, I pulled them out of the mud to maintain my streak.  That’s the first bit of adversity since I restarted my challenge this year.  And it’s empowering to have overcome it.

Now, it feels like I have even more momentum.

What Got Done?

My week 12 updates were pretty strong.

I completed the header and definition sections of several pages what have already been published in my Achievement silo.  I’m working hard to get through the filler text for all of this content while working on related page drafts simultaneously.

It’s actually going really well.  Next week, I’ll probably go with a more scattergun approach, letting inspiration choose which pages and sections I work on.  I tend to get more done this way, though it doesn’t always seem that without tangible checkpoints.

I was also able to my first three videos uploaded to YouTube for my Hypnos & Pasithea channel.  Because the videos are so long, they take days to upload.  So I’m going to knock out a few more before I actually start publishing them.  But it’s nice to have them in the works.

I’m also getting closer and closer to getting “real” work done in my SEO company.  I even got to inbox 1500.  😂😭  This probably has me more hype than anything else.

If I can keep it up for another week, April is destined to be an absolute banger of a month.

Last Week Was the Week That…

I’m still doing a great job of ignoring politics and most cultural distractions.

Last week also benefitted from the fact that Chelsea didn’t have any games and UNC didn’t make the tournament.

No March Madness for me.  😁  The only thing really going on is transfer decisions.  ‘Mando and RJ chose to come back and Puff decided to leave.  That’s three pretty big exits as far as I’m concerned.  I do not like where this is heading.  At least Ian Jackson denied the St. John’s rumors.

Oh!  And I guess the US Men’s National Team beat Grenada 7-1, though I didn’t watch it.

Culturally, this was also the week Victoria Alonso was fired by Disney and Jonathan Majors got arrested for (alleged) domestic abuse.  Watching the media fall apart is more fun than watching their movies.  🎬🍿🥤😂

Then, there was the Zherka’s first interview on No Jumper.  It’s a few weeks old now.  But I just watched and… Oh.  My.  God.  That boy is insane.  🤪

Whatever though.  None of this stuff was that important.

The most notable thing that happened this week was obvious:

I talked to Larry for the first time in a few months and found out he is back in Greensboro.

I have a feeling it’s bout to go DOWN.


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Content Streak

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 34 days (begun February 20th), which is the largest—and only—streak of my 2023 Content Challenge so far.

My longest streak ever was last year, snapped at 217 days in a row in Week 24.  My best during 2021’s Content Challenge was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  And my best in 2020 was 157 days in a row, which ended in Week 21.

The march toward a full 365 continues.  📈