2022 Content Challenge Week 2:


As far as my content streak is concerned, 2022 is already better than 2021.


Lovin’ it.

It feels like my Favorites are finally starting to shape up, especially my Achievement group.  Sure, there is still a loooooong way to go before they are anywhere near “complete.”  But at least I have the content and first round of links done for a few of them.  And based on my new tab-clearing strategy, I have plenty of ammunition in the arsenal for emergency spam updates.  As it stands, I feel extremely confident about this being my first truly successful Content Challenge.

Who knows?

By the end of the year, This Site might even be worth something.

I’m still in the process of developing My 2022 Goals.  And my plans for My Brands are turning out to be pretty big.

I’m falling back in love with the work—and it’s about damn time.


As far as life goes, this was the week an old ghost returned for a few days of detox.  Easy “Be a Blessing” scores in my Bullet Journal.  👍

Across the pond, Chelsea finished off the job against Spurs in the league cup (with the help of VAR 😈 and Kepa’s 1000 IQ play).  Then, they totally disappointed against Man City in perhaps their last bid for the Premier League title.

In Chapel Hill, Armando followed up his 29-point game against UVA with another 29-point game in a second straight blowout against Georgia Tech.


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Content Streak

After last week:

My weekly content streak now is up to 69 days (begun November 9th).

My longest streak ever was 157 days in a row during my 2020 Content Challenge, which ended in Week 21.  My best in 2021 was 67 days, from Week 14 to Week 23.  I am currently on my longest of 2022.

I’m coming for you 365. 🤩🤩🤩